Sunday, July 31, 2011

Definitely not mine - I only seem to buy boyfriend/girlfriend two packs !

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OK. So. Seems that I need to re-think a few things. First off, dragging other peoples' conversations over here to debate them is pretty weak of me. Even worse when it's a one-sided rant - complaining about other people's rants ! So let's not do that anymore. Surely there's other things to discuss, and better ways to do so. Thanks, VenusBoi79, for the gentle reminder.

Not much else going on, unless you count some odd computer problems. If I run Chrome, and leave it up, wandering off to do something else for a while before returning, invariably I come back to a restarted system. Weird. That just started. Doesn't happen with Firefox or IE, just Chrome, and come to think of it, Windows just had an update. (sigh) I'll figure it out later. 

Oliver-kitten is completely entranced with the bubbles of Lagoona's Hydration Station, so I sort of have to be careful leaving it on around him. With the water, it's pretty heavy, but still... Pulled out the glitter lamp today, and fitted the Station in its place - I like it better ! I'd offer the glitter lamp to Dearest Son, but it gets very hot, and he tends to leave things running for much too long, so I'm gonna wrap it up and donate it.  

You're gonna laugh at this but...I'm slowly discovering that most of the junk-stuff I love to eat tastes like crap - or nothing at all - now. It's true. Potato chips, Chex mix, French Onion dip, rye bread, the occasional stolen loop from our Funyun-addicted son's bag...mostly taste like twigs. Sweet things still mostly keep their flavors, but it's weird when you expect a burst of fake cheese off a Cheetoh, and all you seem to get is texture and air.

Oh, and yet another 'buy a set to get the one you don't have' three-pack has surfaced. This time, you get to buy (or re-buy) 'Dawn of the Dance' Clawdeen and Frankie to get DotD DracuLaura. And frankly, the fan versions I've seen did a better job with the dress. A week of solid effort with good fabric, and I'd have created my own better version of her dress. Kinda disappointed, but since I wasn't gonna buy one solo or in a set, it's not a chest-crusher for me. But a lot of other fans have wanted that particular DLaura for a long time, and having to buy yet another set is stirring the muttering. 

Hmm. Turns out that has finally updated their MH listings, which now include the 'locker' dolls. While the .com itself is sold out, I can still use the listings to see if the local stores have 'em - it's how I got Ghoulia and Holt so long ago. 

And they're open at 8am tomorrow, it says...

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  1. Wow, another group pack where you need to buy it to get an exclusive doll?
    Mattel really seems ready to slight it's fan-base.
    I'd say people would be inclined to stop buying the solo dolls and wait for the group packs, but it seems that a lot of the fans will snap up anything about Monster High.
    If I was a fan I'd be pressed over this.