Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Beloved is the BEST !

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My medical appointment was all done by 9:45am, and while my chest was tight, it's wasn't abnormally so, and with an upper pressure air system that just won't go away, they've been seeing lots of patients with tight airways. While I haven't lost weight, I haven't gained any, either, so that's good. They want me to continue to take it easy in this environment, but get more exercise than I am. So, back to housework for me, darn it ! 

Left clutching two sample inhalers and paper print-outs of my prescriptions. Normally, I'd just ask them to fax the 'scripts right over to whichever Mal-Wart pharm we live near, but they really borked us around the past few months. They are definitely not getting the easy renewal. So, this week or next, I get to call around for prices. I'd love it if Target was cheaper - I hardly ever get to go there !

Got a double load of laundry done but not put away yet - I was wiped out ! To recover, I sat my desk and hummed around. Early preview photos from the San Diego Comic Con were coming in, and there's lots more Monster High showing there than there ever was at any Toy Fair. Glory alleluia, there's gonna be 'school club' outfits sold separately, including DLaura's adorable 'Newspaper' one, shown earlier this year as line art, and a 'Dead Fast' fan outfit for 'Comic Club' Ghoulia. The Want begins anew...

They also had a voting booth for the next doll, with three choices. The white-eyed green 'Banshee' background girl from the webisodes, the Headless Headmistress, and a really exotic spider girl, complete with six arms. Wow. I knew spider-girl would win, but I still voted for my favorite, the Headmistress. It was actually a tough call, since I also liked the Banshee girl, and really loved her outfit - which included a MH letterman-style jacket ! How many dolls would I love to have one of those for ? (sigh) 

Finally decided on a tasty baked potato lunch, and while it was being nuked, noticed the 20% off ToysRUs coupon I meant to stuff in my purse for tonight - since we may go out ! - wasn't where I had it, under the Membership Rewards card. Which was also gone. Well, ceiling fans, pushy kittens, and thundering Dearests will cause anything to scatter. I'd find it after lunch. In newer, brighter light, I concluded that the thrift store Malibu PJ I got a few weeks back is Sunsational - what I think is a dark blue line around her pupil actually is the dark purple of her eye shadow, it's just difficult to tell if the light is dim. 

Ended up falling asleep right in my chair, watching a Hoarders rerun. I've learned which ones I can watch while eating ! I'd barely awakened - and had just moved into the living room to watch the Korean live-action version of Boys over Flowers - when Beloved was home. I worry about him in this heat until he's home. He was a bit burned, but beaming, bearing a large TRU bag ! Could it be...?

Well....not exactly. Ours doesn't have the 'locker' dolls yet, but he wanted to bring me a surprise, so I'm now the proud owner of Lagoona's Hydration Station ! It's so awesome ! And the doll isn't nearly as grey-bland as I thought. She's actually quite elegant, and I can't wait to test out her bubbles ! We just have to buy some fresh batteries...whoops !

It's funny, though. It even comes with a 'Lagoona Skullie' embossed funnel, so kids won't have such a hard time filling it - the hole is pretty small. I love her stand, and the matching aqua-blue clear skullie brush is my favorite one so far. It's identical to the rest, but the color is irresistible ! 

Well, I guess I know where the coupon and card went ! He was quite proud of remembering it, and with those, the Hydration Station was only $34., with tax. Wow. When I think of the folks who paid Hastings $85. - plus shipping - or $80. to eBay sellers, I'm so proud of him, too. 

And I can't wait to get you some photos ! Just have no idea when I'll be out for batteries !

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