Sunday, July 3, 2011

I could use some brain food, fer sure...

Current Mood : Doll-happy !

We got a refreshing rainshower this evening that battled the skies with fireworks from neighbors as the night continued. I was surprised to learn that fireworks are legal in this city - they certainly weren't where we used to live, cops routinely hid along the return route for the chance to bust folks returning to Old City from a fireworks stand in the middle of BFE. Beloved Hubby wasn't surprised they were allowed here, just that there weren't bans, since we hadn't seen rain in weeks, and nearly everything was so dry.

All three of us had a nice, lazy, no-alarm-clock day. Beloved even made pancakes for breakfast ! Eventually, we all got showers and got Dearest Son ready and made our way to the his grandparents' home. I'm so jealous of their air conditioning. It's nice, like a cave in there !

For some reason, soda has been tasting weird, so when Beloved treated us to Big Gulps, I chose lemonade with a cherry flavor shot. So cold, so tasty. I rarely drink a whole one, but I had that one half-emptied before we headed back home.

But first...Beloved stopped at TRU, without me even asking. He is the sweetest ! I quickly chose my new Ghoulia from the two available. Ours hasn't restocked yet - I saw pretty much the same stuff in evidence from our 'Forbitten Romance' visit, just a lot less of it. Most of the 'after school' dolls had sold out, there were very few 'Dead Tired' ones remaining, maybe two 'Forbitten' sets, and at least eight first-issue Frankies and two first Lagoonas, mixed in with first-wave Dawn of the Dance dolls. Nothing really new. I was hoping to see the 'Day at the Maul' fashion set, but nope. No Spectras or Abbeys either. Maybe we'll see some new stuff later in the month.

(evil grin) At least some fans are finding new goodies. Someone on Flickr scored the 'School Spirit' set - Cleo, and DracuLaura in stitch-free Fearleader uniforms, and Ghoulia in a bleacher-creature outfit - that's only been seen so far in catalog photos. Of course, the set's owner got it from a shop in Britain... after debating its purchase for a week first. She also has the still-hyper-rare Spectra and Abbey dolls that we were told wouldn't be available until this month and next, and the 'Day at the Maul' fashion set.  All I could do was laugh to myself. Comments like 'Mattel, Y U No Sell in States ?!' just get me in trouble, and I refuse to do that to someone else's images. Mattel wants to further alienate its US client base, they don't need me telling 'em they're doing a great job.

Y'know, when I saw so many dolls darn near glutting the shelves in March over at Target, I was honestly trying to think of ways to buy and use a few more MH dolls, so they'd sell and be in demand. As it turned out, I could only get a second Ghoulia, but now I'm glad I didn't waste my money. I still think Mattel takes its Stateside sales for granted, but there's no sense whining over it. It's not like I need a new doll right now.

Especially now that I already have Dead Tired Ghoulia !

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