Sunday, July 10, 2011

Netflix - The Final Guy Movie Frontier !

Current Mood : Strung out - but well-hydrated !

Today was pretty much like yesterday, except I taught Dearest Son to gargle. I was trying a hot salt-water one, to ease some throat tightness, and he was intrigued. It's always funny when you realize that your kid doesn't know stuff like that, but two minutes later, he's louder and gigglier about it than you ever were.

While Beloved Hubby's Netflix genre-fiction viewing habits were well served today - Star Trek Next Gen, Voyager, Classic, Enterprise, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - I ended up snoozing a lot. It's funny to doze off to Captain Picard and try to figure out why Buck Rogers is wrestling with the same 'energy spheres' an hour or two later.

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