Saturday, July 16, 2011

There's never an escape problems ! And sometimes sharks.

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Current Image Notes : With apologies to Richard Dreyfuss, Stephen Spielberg, and everyone else who loves Jaws. 

In  a small effort to tidy things up, but not move around a lot - still wheezing - my housework tends to be highly contained these days. For this stay-at-home weekend, I decided to hack through the ole in-box, which has pretty much gone unchecked since a few days before my birthday. Ah, if e-mail Spam was chocolate, the world would be happier.

I found that I'd forgotten I'm a member of Embroidery Library's 'Birthday Club', and got my usual two offers - $10. off any embroidery designs, or half off any sets, my choice. So I had a merry hour choosing four designs from the Wishlist I also forgot I had, and snagged five freebies at the same time - nine designs for free ! Now if I can just get off my stuck-in-neutral butt and get in there and sew / embroider something...

While trying to sleep last night - yes, insomnia's back, but at least the nightmares are staying away - I also tidied up bedside, gathering all the loose doll stuff into an old hot-pink nylon Sailor Moon soft-side lunch tote that was also cluttering up the space. That poor lunch tote. It didn't wash up very well, so paint is flaked off in long strips, and the eye-searing hot pink just isn't 'me' anymore. But I'm gonna use it for Monster High doll shoe storage, since the smaller bags I'm using are overflowing. It'll also keep the Sailor Moon bag in use, and let me know whether or not to look for a similar MH-themed kit during the back-to-school sales. Or just save the six bucks and make one. There's several out this year, but I haven't really seen a design or print that I like yet.

I also had to squeeze in about six more sets of stands, a handful of props, a few diaries, and more 'how to use your new toy' leaflets in the plastic shoebox I use for them. Glad I don't want much more, that box is packed ! Found the Bratz 'sofa' in the bottom, and pulled it out... you'll be seeing it soon. It looks great with Ghoulia's pajamas !

Turns out, the Sailor Moon bag not only fits great in the box, but holds everybody's shoes, even the guys' skateboards, eliminating two smaller makeup-bag size containers. That box is getting pretty full, though. Once I start sewing again, it won't be long before the 'stands and stuff' box either has to come out, or I'll need a bigger MH container. 

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