Saturday, November 1, 2014

Yard Sale !

Today I hit the Quadfecta / Superfecta of Fall Clichés. In addition to Pumpkin Spice cappuccino, a McRib, and candy corn, I stepped on crunchy leaves and feasted on a pumpkin muffin this morning. So even if ya wanna include the muffin in with the cappuccino, I still tagged most of the clichés. Go, me !

Dearest Son’s jack-o-lantern was a big hit. About half our trick-or-treaters posed with it for Mom and Dad’s phone photos. Big turnout this year – at least twelve !

It was so cold, even at 8am, Beloved Hubby urged me to put off the yard sale ‘til tomorrow. Um, no. I wanted all this messy clutter gone, I wanted this dready anticipation over, and I wanted it all to be over and done with. So, off we went. It was so cold, I actually wore socks and sneakers instead of my usual exercise sandals or flats, and I ended up putting on gloves, too. Brrrr !

Slow going for the most part. I really should have done this last week ! But eventually, around 2pm, it was apparent that I needed to test and eat again (was getting shaky), and the crowds, such as they weren’t, were over. Still, we made a nice chunk of change, as did the ILs, and I’d sold everything I wanted to sell. Dearest Son made $32. after paying me back for his earlier eBay bid, so he was happy. We got rid of four boxes and one huge toybox of his selected stuff, so I was, too ! I pushed the remainders, two good-sized boxes worth of miscellany, to the curb and called it a success.

Not sure if the ILs are gonna continue tomorrow, they still have some furniture and stuff, but I’m satisfied and done. The DP&M girls sold, the MH stuff sold (except for the Roadster, but I’m kinda glad I get to keep that), the furniture sold, and the oven finally sold. Even one of the doors sold. FIL said he’d pay me back half of the signs – he ate most of the leftover Halloween candy, spent most of the sale inside (I had to call for him when he had buyers), and I think he took a few miniscule payments for our stuff. I don’t even care anymore, but it does reinforce what I think about him.

The MH dolls went to a great buyer. She was about my age, possibly a bit younger, and her father loved them, as did she. He’d bought her nearly all of them, all still in the boxes. With the lot I sold her, she got most of the main characters (several of some) to play with, in new clothes she was impressed with, and she was over the moon. DP&M Anna earned me a compliment – the buyer said she knew all about them, how much they cost, all that. I mentioned that Anna’s head was still fastened to the box liner, all I’d done was change her outfit. My knowledgeable buyer was astounded – she thought that was Anna’s original costume ! Nope, that was the heart blouse and purple skirt, with the black boots from TRU’s Journey Girl shoe pack. But it was nice to know she thought my sewing was up to issue-wear grade !

Beloved, who’d had to go to work after lugging and shoving most of that stuff outside and setting up the signs, came home just as we were packing it in. With McRibs ! I was famished and ate every crumb. Then fell asleep for two hours. He was lavish in his praise, as he’d honestly not thought we’d do that well. I’m kind of surprised, too, but very happy with m’self.

So, when I was idly poking around and saw they were available again, I ordered my Elsa doll. I waffled between the Skating set and the original Elsa, but since I really just wanted Elsa, and the original Disney Store one at that, she’s who I ordered. Yaaay ! I will soon have the precise Elsa I’ve always wanted. And I didn’t pay eighty bucks for her off eBay ! You’ll laugh, but the main reason I was going to go for the Skating set was so that Elsa wouldn’t be lonely – but I figured she and Racquelle would get along just fine. I was also eyeing the big $80. set… but that just seemed ridiculous. It’d be nice to have, though… Isn’t it great that all those dolls are back in stock ?

It’s been a great day. Too bad the central heater’s not working. Well, maybe that’ll light a fire under our butts to get outta here !


  1. Congrats on finally getting to order Elsa! You'll love her, I'm certain. I really, really wish they'd put Coronation Elsa and Anna up for sale separate. I really want them, but not nearly enough to pay $80 for them!

  2. Congrats on having a productive yard sale! And congrats on your incoming Elsa, can't wait to see her!