Friday, November 21, 2014

Stuff and Nonsense : 'A Christmas Story' tie-in

Met my primary care physician at the VA today – she’s awesome ! But massively over-booked. She was juggling me and another appointment plus a walk-in, the hour I was there, and she was looking forward to catching everybody up over lunch. If you think I was even gonna complain about things running an hour late, well, you don’t know how great my new doctor is. I’d have gladly waited longer.

I left way early to allow for rush-hour traffic and VA parking. Seriously, parking’s a huge mess over there. Cars cruised the lots not looking for spaces, but waiting for someone to pull away. There was a truck with a camper shell there yesterday and again today – I think someone’s living in it – that was pulled up too far, so it was taking its spot and half of another. Since I couldn’t find a spot at all, and Emmy-car is fairly small, we took up the remaining half. Both days. I just hoped to not get a ticket, but I really didn’t have an option. Just wish the  camper-owner would learn to park better. As an added snerk, when I pulled away yesterday, a huge Land Rover claimed the spot. And I thought Emmy’s tail was sticking out a bit !

I’m probably gonna lose my oxygen service. I’m too healthy ! They tested my air retention after doing two walking laps around the clinic and up two flights of stairs, and my oxygen levels actually increased ! But if I need it again this summer, she’s aware of the situation. As it stands now, I’m still on the tube. On the plus side, my next ‘jump up in the stirrups’ exam isn’t ‘til 2019 !

I’ve been feeling bad for Dearest Son, being left mostly alone in FIL’s rare care while I’m gone, and with two more appointments with utilities at NewPlace next week, I’ve been trying to make it up to him, with lunches and special things just for us. Much as I’d love to take him to Dollar Tree several times a week, even that and the thrifts get expensive, so I’ve been thinking up fun alternatives. This afternoon, it was huge bowls of buttery popcorn and our Special Edition  A Christmas Story DVD. Tomorrow or Sunday, we’re making cookies. I’m thinking Monday, after the gas is activated, we’ll go look at Christmas trees, pick out a few to recommend to Beloved Hubby. After years of having too many trees – seemed like every place we moved into had at least one (several times there were two or three in attics and closets) left behind – we don’t have one at all, and even holiday-shrugging Beloved wants one this year.

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