Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Stuff and nonsense.

Another busy day. Took the last of the known laundry – I’m sure there’s pockets of Dearest Son and Beloved Hubby clothes hiding in numerous isolated spots, especially socks – to the Laundromat this morning, and mostly filled a five-loader. Found a quarter in a dryer. It was so refreshing to see those overflowing laundry baskets end the day as empty ones once it was all put away. Finally !

Once back, I came to the cold realization that, if I wanted lunch, I’d have to buy it (using my fun funds) or cook it. And if I wanted to save my selfish cash and cook, I had to clean most of the kitchen and – ugh ! – wash a ton of dishes. Or at least a half-ton. So I dug through what we had and found two pouch mixes, one for chicken flavored rice, another for Asian-style noodles, that had expired two weeks prior. Well, I like living on the edge ! It wasn’t that long before I had enough clean to cook and eat from, and Dearest and I feasted on the rice. While he loves noodles, they more or less have to be egg noodles or ramen – pouch noodles often get a doubtful glare. He hasn’t noticed the difference in our old spaghetti and the wheat stuff, or that’d be disdained as well. Paired with make-your-own ham sandwiches, it was a neat treat, and no tummy-aches. I’ll probably have the noodles Friday.

There’s an actually decent, if not particularly attractive, solid wood dining area table at NewPlace, just no chairs. So we bought the chairs left over from the IL’s yard sale. They’re actually nice chairs, quite comfortable, so I moved them inside where they won’t have to absorb any more weather, and placed a spare plank of wood on one. Now I have a temporary place for the toaster ! Which is good, ‘cause when we go grocery shopping tomorrow, I am sooo treating m’self to some English muffins ! While those are nearly three bucks in the bread aisle, there’s a house brand in with the refrigerated bagels for 99c. I really, really miss the Hostess bread thrift outlets…

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