Thursday, November 13, 2014

And in a day, everything changes...

Well. Guess who’s moving ! ‘No Deposit’ house’s landlord called Beloved Hubby, asked him to come see it, and talk with him. He called me nearly an hour later, asked if I was sure I wanted that place, and asked Dearest Son, too – and signed the lease. We’re to carpet/flooring and paint the place, which reduced our rent and provided our deposit. Paid the half-month rent already, so we have the key, and Beloved’s planning to get things started this weekend.

I actually sat and stared into space for a good half hour after his call. We can’t use SSVF after all, landlord doesn’t want to mess with applications and forms and neither does Beloved, but we can manage. However, that does mean I had a lot of work of my own to do – we needed to have electric, gas, and water/sewer activated in our names, or just plain activated, move our internet service, discuss what house works were getting done when, and how, not to mention moving all our stuff back to PreviousTown. But, oh, I could so do all that ! Immediately started calling utilities and getting stuff started. Since we can take our time moving, and Beloved wanted to get some things done before we officially started, we don’t really have a set moving day yet, but AT&T gave us an install date of Saturday, Nov. 28th for our Wi-Fi, so it looks like we’ll start settling in then. We may have Thanksgiving there, we’ll see.

I’m so excited ! It’s really a nice place, but sincerely needs some work and TLC. Beloved’s rattling off plans a mile a minute, and we’ll probably soon have our own reserved parking space at Home Despot. 

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  1. Ha! Awesome! That's great that you'll have a new place and no more IL-worries just in time for the holidays. Looks like there may really be a Santa Claus after all!