Sunday, November 30, 2014

The view from our bedroom window (that desperately needs to be cleaned !)

Whew. Finally caught up. Sorry I got so far behind – I meant to take some photos, wanted to add more on a couple entries… next thing I know, I haven’t posted in nearly a month, and so much has happened !

Beloved Hubby got the last of the dead tree down, and the neighbor family darn near cleaned the yard for us, they claimed almost all the branches and limbs, filling two trucks. They may be back for the rest, but I don’t want to expect them to do more. So nice of them to help us out so much already !

Still in the ‘internet is magic’ phase you get in when you’ve had to do without for a short eternity. We have so many TV channels, but some may be from a weekend promo, and I really don’t have time for television anyway. Kitchen’s a disaster. But the dishwasher works ! (happy sigh) Dishwasher…..

We’re kind of in that half-moved phase, where half your stuff is at your new place, and there’s lots of room and no clutter… but you still have a ton of junk to move yet. Most of it you really do want, but it’s nice to have so much space ! MIL texted Beloved today, asking when they can start showing the house… I’m not even gonna go there, I’m gonna take a long detour around it and just let it be a reminder of why I’m so flippin’ happy here. I figured it’d take a week of Emmy-car hauls to get most of the small stuff transported, and if it goes faster, yay. I’m gonna be doing most of it with only Dearest Son helping – Beloved’s busting butt already to pay for all this – so I’m not gonna hurt m’self to finish a day earlier. Besides, I saw their Garpartment, unless they started cleaning with a shovel and a hose since yesterday, they’re no more ready to show the house (not going there, not going there) than we are ready to have overnight guests here.

Just think… in a few more days, all my sewing stuff will be in one place again, and I can actually make something ! I really can’t wait. As it is now, my very specific combined power cord / foot pedal is at ThatPit, and my sewing machine KJ is here. Not to mention all my fabrics and craft crap. And all my dolls ! We mostly focused on getting Dearest’s stuff first, and Beloved’s tools when this first got going – we can get my stuff this week.

I love our new place ! 

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