Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stuff and Nonsense II : Electric Bugaboo

Since the rest of the week is busy with medical appointments, I figured I’d best get as much done as possible today. Got another load of dishes done, but cooked three meals, so I’m not quite caught up yet. Beloved Hubby really enjoyed his spaghetti, so it’s worth it.

However, I evidently spoke too soon about tummy aches, ‘cause I had a whopper today. And I didn’t even eat the noodles ! Nearly identical to the one that had Beloved driving me to the VA ER last month, just not as lengthy, thank Everything. Took a while, but I did everything they told me to, gave m’self a nice soft tummy massage, relaxed, tried to read, lay down. It either put me to sleep or I stopped hurting enough to rest, because I crashed for almost two hours, and when I woke up, no tummy ache.

Luckily, we’d already done the grocery shopping before I took ill. Tomorrow’s Taco Night, using another of the dinner kits I got on markdown. Trying to use those before they expire, too ! Took FIL along – I’m not sure how, but they broke another coffee maker. I’ve given them three, and all three are broken. I’ve never broken a coffee maker, just a single carafe, during a move, and I mostly buy mine used. I actually have given all mine away long before they broke, so I don’t know how they break. I was gonna tell him we have a spare two-cup one at NewPlace, but he’d already bought a ten-cup maker from the drug store next to the grocery. Oh, well. If they use one that much, I doubt a two-cup would have worked for them anyway.

Stuck to just what we needed, and a few extras, and still spent $50. I have no idea what FIL spent – nunnmybusiness – but I’m glad I didn’t need Emmy-car’s trunk space. He easily had twice the bags we did, and I bought a 16lb sack of Meow Mix ! Still don’t know how they can eat all that sweet stuff, and I’m the diabetic around here…  but I’m not bitter, not one bite.. I mean, bit. Didn’t win anything in the contest within the cat food bag, but I scored a dollar-off coupon. Sweet !

So I took it easy tonight, and let the dishes sit ‘til tomorrow. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of time after the VA and taking Dearest Son out to lunch to get to them. Gonna crash early ‘cause I get to fight traffic in the morning. Wish me luck ! 

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