Monday, November 17, 2014

I got the keys to NewPlace !

Most of the snow is already gone. There were some icy patches on the roads under thick tree growth, but otherwise, they were clear. Got to see a still-green-leafed oak tree completely covered in snow at the City offices. While I successfully activated CityOf utilities, I’ve got to call them back to find out when our trash pick-up day is. I forgot to ask. We found a nice office chair curbside down the street, so Beloved Hubby got a new mesh back seat with lumbar support and slightly chewed armrests. May stitch up some covers for him…

Of course, Dearest Son and I visited the NewPlace while we were in the area ! The electricity was on, but gas wasn’t, so it was a bit cold. Called the gas co., and was told that no, it wasn’t going to be turned on 24 to 48 hours after our call last Wednesday, we had to make an appointment. Also, since my account was more than 18 months old, we did have to fork over a deposit, no matter what the previous agent said. Grrrr… so, anyway, I have to be back at NewPlace next Monday at 8am to get that activated. (sigh)

Meanwhile, Dearest and I went through all the left-behind items and picked out stuff to keep and junk to donate. Kept a bunch of paper and a neat tote bag, a purse, some books, and several coloring books. He tested the monitor found in the garage, and it works ! Called Beloved Hubby to appraise him of the latest developments, he told me he was already finished with work for the day, so if we could hang out there a bit, he’d meet us.

I was happy for that but I hadn’t planned on being there that long, and didn’t bring my afternoon meds. Plus, Dearest and I were hungry. We agreed to run up to Dollar Tree – within walking distance to NewPlace ! – pick up snacks, then I’d run back to ThisPit, take my meds, and come back. Since I already had the donations bagged up, and we drove right past a donation kiosk, we took care of that too. Three bags of stuff, mostly unworn kids’ shoes, already out of our hair. I darn near busted my own butt when I slipped on some ice right in front of the kiosk. No good deed…

We had some chilly fun together, planning what would go where, and discussing flooring options and such. Without the gas, he could only take out the old water heater, but at least that’s done. And I know right where the fireplace is going !

Dinner at Taco Bueno - so good, if not exactly visually appealing. And they forgot our chips. It’s funny, because I’ve been getting ‘Tamales in X days !!1!’ emails from them for two weeks, with their addition to the menu scheduled for Friday. But the franchise near NewPlace had ‘em today ! Delicious, but two out of three of mine were broken on the plate, and the sides looked as slopped on as school cafeteria food. Hate to say it, but the store here is a bit better about this. Hope we just caught them on an off day.

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