Monday, November 24, 2014

We have gas !

The next big step in abandoning ThisPit  for NewPlace was successfully accomplished today – we have our gas turned on, and have heat and hot water ! It was the usual ‘he’ll be there between 8am and noon, someone has to be there or we charge for the cancelled visit (although we don’t charge for a met one) and  you go to the end of the line for a new appointment’ jazz – you know I was there ten minutes early. I had Emmy-car packed fulla stuff to move and a list of stuff to do as long as your arm… and then I had another of those awful stomach-aches. About all I could do was rest, try to relax on the sofa, and wait. Called CityOf – trash pick-up is on Wednesdays (finally, I can get the previous tenant’s trash picked up !) and ordered a second roll-can. We’re gonna need it.

By 10am, I figured if the tech wasn’t there by 11, he wasn’t coming, and focused on being well enough to drive back. But there S. was, at 10:55, and we were done at 11:15. Yaaay ! He had to bleed the lines of air a bit, but he said it all looked good as he inspected Beloved Hubby’s water heater install and the furnace. Much as I wanted to, I didn’t turn the heat on, the ducts were fleece-thick with lint and needed to be cleaned first. But I heard it activate, and had hopes of heat later.

Needless to say, nothing got done past that, although I did manage to unload the car before I took ill. Fell asleep for two hours and felt better, but still very tired. While he didn’t have a stomach issue, Beloved was also quite weary, but I knew he’d want to check things out at NewPlace, no matter how late he got home. So, after a quick dinner, we were off. I helped clean the vents, and we turned on the thermostat. Heat ! How thrilling ! Water heater works, too. Beloved still has to run a line to the cooktop, but that’ll happen soon.

So now, it’s just a matter of getting our stuff moved and doing whatever work we can in between stuff-hauling, but he anticipates having Thanksgiving there, and sleeping there Saturday, if not before. I am beyond thrilled. Saw three mated pairs of cardinals in the backyard while I was waiting – I have *got* to get a bird feeder out there ! 

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