Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Too tired to be that Ghoulicious... but I have hopes for tomorrow !

I’m so exhausted, I didn’t do laundry. I never sleep well before medical appointments, and today, I had three. The last one was, of course, an hour and a half late. But, there’s been some improvement on my heart, so they’re gonna tweak one of my prescriptions and bring me in for another consult in three months – that’s when they’ll decide about my implant surgery. Scary, but exciting !

Much like driving back home in rush-hour traffic ! Yow ! Even when I drove every day to work in Former CapitolCity, it wasn’t this hairy, as I worked odd hours. I think I did 60mph to 20mph four times in the 15 miles between the VA and Chez Insanity. New tires made Emmy-car drive like a dream.

Got home too late to nap, but I was agitated and weary. Dearest Son and  Beloved Hubby ordered pizza, but my tummy was too tender to eat it. So I had soup and crackers. If I feel better tomorrow, I’ll definitely  have some leftover Hut for lunch.

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