Friday, November 7, 2014

Ain't nothin' goin' on but the laundry...

The only thing I had going on today was laundry, which felt rather odd. I kept thinking I had some appointment or something important to do immediately, but my next one’s not ‘til the 20th, with the VA. Once the latest load of clean clothes were put away, I napped. Felt like I deserved it !

Then I started cleaning up the Arena. It’d been a mess since a week before the yard sale, and I was simply too tired to fix it. Bits of MH furniture, single doll shoes, fabric scraps, broken pencils, and tiny computer screws everywhere. Took me two hours, but I finally got it all stored and situated, with about 50 more Lego pieces being returned to Dearest Son, and several pencils sharpened. I can sew if I want to now ! And I rather want to…

But even with the nap, I’m worn. The rainy weather triggered my asthma, and that keeps me awake and I crash a bit when the crisis passes. I just kinda stared into space and watched Grimm on Amazon Prime. I liked it, but it’s quite violent – good thing I have a fast trigger-finger for that ‘mute’ button. The show’s producers may think they’re sparing me the gore, but two minutes of screams is actually worse. 

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