Monday, November 3, 2014

It's a nice idea, but if it's useless in the real world...

It was one of those ‘hit the ground running’ days – I was in the shower at 6am. We had the intake and paperwork meeting for potential help (SSVF)  with a new place. Meeting started 20 minutes late – and we were nearly a half hour early. Did two hours’ worth of filling out forms, and we probably won’t use it. We’re already having trouble finding someone who’ll rent to us, adding inspections and paperwork and ‘is it OK if this agency pays you for a couple months ?’ is probably not going to increase our popularity. I don’t even think we can use their help for utility deposits without inspections with the owner / agent present, so unless they have a Trusted Circle of Benign Landlords ™, I really don’t think it’s something we can use. Plus, she had to tell us that occasionally, their funds run out, so we'd best have our own funds built up, just in case...
And I’m probably now on United Way’s mailing list for life.

Plus, as I’m preparing for bed, I’m reminded that our caseworker said she’d call today once we were approved, and it’d happen later today… I don’t hold much hope for her to call between now and midnight. Even knowing all I wrote in the first paragraph, I still busted butt over to the local Social Security offices, towing Dearest Son along, as soon as we were home. Waited around with screaming kids and swag-bragging dudes applying for disability with more jewelry than Mr. T for two hours to turn in a form for a new SocSec card. Two hour wait for less than two minutes’ face time. But you can’t do it online, nope. Scanned and sent a copy of the ‘She requested a new card’ letter SocSec gave me to caseworker, no reply there, either. (sigh) I even checked ‘spam’ and ‘trash’, nothing.

No rest for the wicked ! After a bolted late lunch, I ran more clothes to the Laundromat, and it’s all washed, dried, and put away for today. I’m nearly half caught up with it all. Two, maybe three more runs after today, and I should have it. I am so mightily sick of socks… I’d prefer to do one huge laundry day rather than all these little runs, but I can’t lift it all at once, and I’m worn and weary after today. It just piles up so fast ! 

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