Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More fabric ? Yeah.... but it was on sale !

(grin) Seems like Kohl’s isn’t the only one doing the ‘free stuff !’ coupon promo – today I got my second of these from Ace Hardware, $5. off anything in the store. Heck, I could get sodas and candy for us, if nothing else. And we needed lightbulbs. I hadn’t planned on going out today, but the coupon was good today only, a Veteran’s Day promotion.
$10. later, we left with a box of 40w bulbs (hard to find around here) and a set of Anchor Hocking lidded glass bowls ! I’d been wanting some, and these were good for cooking or storing leftovers. On sale, $12. for eight bowls of various sizes, with matching lids. 

I also talked Dearest Son into a quick trip to Tuesday Morning, where he fell in love with some RC cars – well noted, Christmas is coming. They had a few MH dolls, including the Heath & Abbey set for $15., but not much I wanted in Toys. The huge Whitman’s Sampler was tempting, though… darn diabetes ! I ended up spending $12. on fabric – two bundles of fat quarters (one with 5, the other 7, all different prints) and a luscious yard of raw-silk look emerald taffeta. Wish me luck sewing that one !

Since we were out anyway, we stopped by the thrift. Veteran’s Day sale there, too, so I got 25% off a pair of jeans for Beloved Hubby, a t-shirt for me, a bundle of about $20. worth of ribbon and lace (mostly because of one strip of lace very similar to some I couldn’t afford from an Etsy seller), and a complete The Onion Presents A Dumb, Thoughtless Gift page-a-day 2014 calendar. I’ve been enjoying that, believe it or not ! All for less than ten bucks. Whoo-hoo !

Lest you think I completely neglected Dearest, he has money to spend, he just chose not to spend it on anything he saw today. I got him a snack and a soda for being my shopping buddy, which he always likes. We also ordered the computer components he saved for this morning, so he’s clam-happy.

We also heard back from the landlord of that place we looked at in PreviousTown, the one that’s willing to work out a trade of paint and carpet for deposits. I thought he and Beloved had worked an agreement out between them, that’s why we were hurrying down there, but as it turns out, no. Even with ‘no deposits’, landlord still wants first month’s rent, and a full ‘mother’s maiden name’ application. He says he’ll decide between five other applicants in a few days, so we’ll see. I’m actually waiting for him to email me the app, he didn’t have any at the house. It’s a pretty chewed up place, but the bottom line is, I can be happy anywhere, long as I don’t have to live with FIL under the same roof. And I already know how good Beloved can make a neglected house look, so I’m game. I just want to know where we’re going, and when ! 

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