Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thanks, ya'll, for the kind wishes and sweet support ! (((Hugs!)))

It's a Family Dollar Princess Party ! Grab your goblets and slippers, and let's go ! 

What a pretty day it was here ! 
Bright and sunny, but still windy and cold. Long as you didn’t go outside, it was gorgeous. Glad I didn’t have to finish the yard sale today. Much as I grouse about Daylight Savings Scheme, the ‘extra’ hour of sleep always feels so good…  

Oh, remember that huge bag of fabric I got for 25¢ at the Thrift, that had some great fabric, just far too much of some of it for me to ever use ? I cut some for me, then put the rest in the yard sale – all four huge pieces sold for 25¢ each, to three different buyers. Score !

Had to go out early – the cats were out of chow (evidently FIL used the last of it, as the bag was missing, but he didn’t say anything) and were getting pushy and loudly vocal. If we didn’t feed ‘em soon, it might have escalated to violence. As it was, we had all the cats’ full attention soon as the bag hit the floor. Had to give them separate makeshift bowls to avoid fights.

Helped one of our buyers from yesterday with a pick-up, then the day was ours to do with as we pleased. Too bad Beloved Hubby volunteered to work. Dearest Son and I hit Family Dollar again, as I wanted a better look at the ‘Princess’ dolls. Surprisingly, they each have different face paint – and different colored shoes. I figured they all wore the same white shoes Elsa had, and while they are the same style shoes, they were all different colors, to match their dresses. If one of them had black shoes, I’d have probably bought her, but for pastels, heck, these shoes weren’t any better or worse than my own, and I can make exact matches for their clothes, given enough fabric. I admit, I thought about that purple gown – Rapunzel, I think, you couldn’t see how long her hair was – and the mermaid fin, but it was so poorly made, I just couldn’t make m’self spend money for it. Plus, I got enough official Dizney gowns, and there’s other uses for ten bucks.

Like slippers ! They had a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale going, so I got a two-pack of the ballerina-type slippers I like (green and black, classic), and a pair of slip-ons for Beloved. Dearest isn’t much for slippers, preferring to wear out socks instead. And snacks, I got Dearest his favorite Funyuns and me a dollar bag of real Cheez Doodles, plus a small popcorn tin. Beloved laughs at my fondness for popcorn tins, but when I see one I like, it’s mine. Plus, popcorn ! This new one has a pretty Christmas tree scene through a window with a pair of deer. I love Christmas – until December rolls around.

I’d also bought a splurge for lunch, Underwood Chicken Spread, earlier. So delicious on wheat bread from Dollar Tree ! No matter how much I love that stuff, it’s best when I only have it as a rare treat. I felt I earned it after four loads of laundry. My Monster High birthday bedspread is clean and ready to snuggle under tonight. It was just too hot to have it anywhere near our bed in summer, but it’ll be awesome tonight ! 

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