Wednesday, November 12, 2014

At least I didn't buy fabric today !

(shiver) So very cold… of course we went to Dollar Tree and Kohl’s ! Glad we did. I got two iridescent glittery white star ornaments, the only two rolls of Frozen wrapping paper in the store (opened a just-offloaded box to get ‘em, with permission), and a pair of 11.5oz Disney Princess microwaveable lidded containers, much like small GladWare disposable ones. They’re just the right size to hold some of the post-Halloween skeleton gummy candies I snagged on sale, four packages for $1.

We had to relocate a table from the kitchen to Beloved Hubby’s truck – it’s now a work table ! – so I moved the coffee maker to our bedroom. Now that it’s so close, and mornings are so chill, it’s being used a lot more ! Beloved prefers liquid creamers to milk, so he finished up my old bottle today. No problem. Got him a new one and another flavor for tomorrow, along with the dehydrated pineapple and papaya he likes. I’m sticking with milk, as the creamers are kinda sugar-heavy. Dearest Son made his usual choices, then added two more treats, from his yard sale stash. He’s making the most of his funds, I’m so proud.

Kohl’s has really put out toys for the holiday season, and they have TONS of Frozen stuff. No dolls. But lots of clothes and toys and things like snowglobes, jewelry, and stuffed Olafs. They had a huge one, taller than me, for $99. They even had $6. bags of winter-colored Frozen branded jellybeans ! I carried the Elsa ornament – on sale for $10.19 ! – around for a while, but Dearest selected a long-sleeved sweater-shirt that looked so good on him… well, maybe next time, Elsa ! With the ‘$10. off ‘ coupon, it was $4., and we were out the door. It’s so soft, and striped heather grey, black, and burgundy. From the Tony Hawk line, dontchaknow.

Finally got the application for that one ‘no deposit’ (snort) house, and it’s since been filled out and emailed back. We’ll see. At least there wasn’t an application fee ! Beloved has his eye on another place, waaaay out in the sticks, so if this one doesn’t pan out, we’ll probably go to their open house Saturday. There’s advantages to both, and I can be happy anywhere – long as I have Beloved and Dearest ! and I don’t have  to live with FIL…

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