Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The move continues... and will continue to continue for at least another two weeks or so.

Since I still felt weak and weary even after a great night’s sleep, I cheated a bit and told Dearest Son to fill up Emmy-car with whatever he was ready to move today. I figured that’d give me time for a more leisurely breakfast, and I could fill in any empty spots with either doll or sewing stuff. Turned out, only one box of Barbie clothes in the whole car was mine, the rest was his ! About the only things left here are his computers, his desks, and some drawing stuff.

I can’t help but think Beloved Hubby is being a bit over-optimistic about us being moved in by Saturday. We might be sleeping there Friday night, but we will be far from having all our stuff moved, much less placed, organized, and ready to live there. Heck, we still haven’t decided about the fridge situation, and that’s gonna have to be solved before Thursday. I had to pick up some of yesterday’s tasks left undone, but even with all day, I can make two car-loads of stuff, possibly three, and it’s not a lot. Heck, when we moved here, it took six big-truck loads, and we didn’t have a quarter of the tools we have now, and you know Dearest and I have certainly added to our own stashes since then.

But we’ll do what we can, and even one box of Lego and one crate of fabric moved is one less he has to help move later. I wanna do as much as we can, because Beloved really is busting his butt to fund all this.

After a lunch special – my fave fried chicken place in NewCity offers a two-piece and biscuit for $1.49, Tuesdays only – we ran the copper left behind in the garage to the recycler’s. Six bucks cash, ca-ching ! I also toured their used appliance section. They have lots of refrigerators and even pairs of front-loading washer / dryers. Of course, the more conventional kind are cheaper…

Next, we hit the dollar DVD pawn shop – and spent six bucks, oddly enough. Got Apollo 13, Jonah Hex, 28 Days, Man of the Year, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and the first season of Robot Chicken. I really should have paid $5. for Robot, but it rang up as a single DVD, so that’s all they charged me. And I found out they have used Wiis for just $30. True, they only have a 24-hour guarantee, but we need to replace ours, now that I can actually use Wii Fit again… I really want to ! Just wondering, I looked up the warrantee GameHalt offers for its used/reconditioned Wii units - $70., and 7 days. I think I’ll take the risk with the pawn shop.

We also stopped off at Aldi’s on the way back to ThisPit for our Thanksgiving ham. I was surprised they even still had some, they were super-busy. Scored that, a nice stalk of celery (59¢), a ten-pound sack of Russet potatoes ($1.29), and a sale sack of 40 house-brand pizza rolls for Dearest ($1.25).

And, great news ! MIL says we can have either fridge, most of the places they’re looking to move into include all appliances – and they still have a full fridge and range just in case. Yaaay ! Beloved says we’ll move it Thursday. So I get to rent an appliance dolly tomorrow. Wish me luck. 

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