Monday, November 10, 2014

Elsa's here !

Up early to do laundry – the last triple load ! – and hit the bank. Not comfortable with that much cash lying around, and when Dearest Son and I decide to buy anything, it’ll be fine coming out of Checking, online or off. Got it all put away, then went on a dirty clothes safari about the wilds of Chez Insanity, and there’s already half another triple ready to go. By Wednesday, the basket will probably be full and overflowing. While I forgot to wash my new slippers, I finally remembered to throw in the dishtowels and the disgusting potholders – mine get manky in a few days, but I always forget to add them to the pile. Even got my MH mousepad clean… well, cleaner. How I got that so stained is beyond me.

Got an email from SSVF, that social services group for veterans that’s trying to help us with deposits and such on a new place, with several apartments and duplexes for rent that are evidently familiar with SSVF regs and paperwork. Beloved Hubby is on fire about getting out of here (although he does backtrack about the house at least four or five times a week), so we’ll look at them together tonight and maybe get things started. It’d be so nice if we can use SSVF’s help… won’t rely on it, but it’d help out so much. Looked at them all – no garages, but provided the neighborhood is decent, I wouldn’t have a problem living and being happy in any of them. Especially when money and food stop disappearing.

And, as you can see, Elsa arrived today, in the early afternoon. It may be just a coincidence, but we’re in for seriously colder weather for the next two weeks… I just have to say, wow. Disney certainly knows how to make a package special ! When I opened the box, the tissue paper was covering Elsa and the air bubble cushion, and it was like opening a rare gift from foreign climes. It even seemed like Tinkerbell and Pluto were impressed. What a beautiful doll. She was so worth waiting for, and would have been worth the $80. if I’d have had it. I keep staring at her, perfect in her box, wondering when I’ll be brave enough to take her out.

One odd thing. There’s a sticker on the bottom with three Disney character images – Grumpy, Chip and Dale, and Ariel – with their names underneath. What’s that for ? Is it a code for who picked and packed the box ? 

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  1. Yay! Elsa's here! Wow, Disney Store packaging has come a long way since the last time I ordered anything from them! Yeeeeears ago, lol. I bet Elsa's going to be hard to find again this holiday season, the DS I went to yesterday only had her and Anna's Animator Collection and large singing dolls, and the singing dolls were getting RARE.