Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stuff and Nonsense 3 : The Search for a Parking Spot at the VA

Diabetes seminar at the VA went well – three down, one to go. If we followed the standard schedule, our last one would be on Christmas Day ! Luckily, our leader T. isn’t going that route – he’s planning on being out of town anyway. Don’t envy the six-hour drive he has for Thanksgiving, either. And the English muffins were delicious !

Lunch with Dearest Son was a bit of a rip-off. For some reason, at 11:55am, there were all of three options (two hot dogs and a jalapeno sausage) and cooking any more of the others would take a half hour. I guess that microwave doesn’t work. So we chose the hot dogs, plus the chips and sodas that are part of the promotion, only to get billed 35c more. Why ? For whatever reason, Funyuns don’t count as bagged chips – although Fritos and Chee-tos do. As when I asked about cheddar wursts being added to the grill, the cashier just shrugged. See if we bother Circle K again. 7-11 may be a bit more pricey, but they don’t play games, and they actually have food available. What I didn’t get was that the store was empty, save for us, and the cashier didn’t even bother to put more on, and it was prime lunch time. Guess she really wanted to sell that jalapeno dog first.

After lunch – and finally catching up with the dishes ! - I spent a good chunk of time on hold with AT&T. Last weekend, they finally sent us an offer that made us reconsider cable TV. $30./month for 140 channels (maybe 15 of which we’ll watch !), plus free DVRs and a $150. Visa card – and  a bonus $50. card for signing up online. Beloved Hubby was ready to go for it, but there was just one problem. How could we sign up online and have it go to NewPlace, and not ThisPit ? And could they install both cable and move our internet service on the same day ?

So I called. Turned out, the rep I spoke with was able to do all that for me, and yes, the same tech could take care of it all in one visit. While we would get the Visa card, the 140 channels for $30., and two DVRs, they couldn’t give us the bonus $50. – but they would waive the $99. service fee I was quoted last week for the internet-only transfer. We’re actually $50. ahead ! Now that’s taken care of, and quite well ! I confess, I liked ION and the music channels when the VA had cable…

I get to meet my new primary care provider at the VA tomorrow. At least I’m getting more confident about driving in morning rush-hour traffic ! I’ll do just about anything to avoid ‘drive home’ time – it’s twice as bad. 

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