Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stuff and Nonsense : The Director's Cut

While it rained all day, and we had to get to NewPlace in the middle of University Football Game Day traffic insanity, it was a really nice day. The gas water heater is installed, in anticipation of Monday, and we put in the ‘new’ front door. I say ‘new’ because it’s actually a door rescued from a discard pile at one of Beloved Hubby’s job sites – we actually had three ! Put one in at ThisPit, there’s one at NewPlace now, and we have a spare. The ‘new’ door replaces a solid wood door installed when the house was built in 1968, and is mostly window in the middle. Lets in some much needed light in the entranceway.

I also found the source of an enduring odor – previous tenants not only left a ton of trash in the garage, they left some, including two Mal-Wart sacks of sifted cat box, in the kitchen and laundry area. Whew ! I’m hoping that improves the air quality of NewPlace quickly. I also found a few religious books and two on AA I’ll donate on my next run.

Checked the mail, and we had a 10% off coupon to a pawn shop down the street. So we went, and Beloved Hubby found a tool he’s been wanting, for about 1/5 the new price, still in the box ! He’s thrilled, ‘cause it works great. I’m happy ‘cause he is, and we saved so much. They also sell DVDs for 99¢, and buy them back for 50¢ - almost as cheap as the Library ! I got the first season of M*A*S*H for $5. (TV show seasons are five bucks, still not a bad deal at all !), plus Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Airheads for Dearest Son, BASEketball for me, and the Too Cool For School Collection, a dozen low-budget 80s comedies, mostly for Weekend Pass. Back in my Army days, a friend had made me a VHS copy of that from his laserdisc, and I’ve seen it dozens of times. Haven’t seen it since the 90s, though, so it’ll be fun to watch it again. Plus, I have Tomboy, Coach, CaveGirl, The Van, Hunk, or any of the rest for kicks. When I have enough time to be bored ! Cashier told me they get new movies every Monday, so shop early ! I got the discount, so all that DVD fun was only a little over eight bucks. Sweet. Dearest can’t wait for movie time tomorrow – if we’re not at NewPlace all day.

I can also tell you that the free-with-coupon AAA batteries I got from Harbor Freight work great ! Even if they’re not alkaline, just ‘heavy duty’, they lit up my long-dead fold-up OttLite just fine. Beloved bought the small bandsaw he’s wanted on sale and with a 20% off coupon, and got a 20 L.E.D. palm-sized light with another freebie coupon. Bonus – by doing that bit of shopping, we avoided most of the end-of-game traffic going back. One family gave each of their five kids a coupon and had all of ‘em run through the register. Kinda chintzy to use kids, in my opinion. Anyone under 18 isn’t really a tool store customer. But, it’s not my issue.

We also knew there was no way we could get near our favorite gyro restaurant – it’s on campus – so we tried another gyro place here. And it was delicious ! Thoroughly enjoyed every bite. Hope we get to go back again.

Less delicious but lots of fun was supper. We were all tired and wet and a bit growly and more than a bit sleepy, so it was soup and sandwiches. Beloved really wanted a grilled cheese, but we’d already taken the gas cooktop to NewPlace – how can you make grilled cheese in a toaster, microwave, or toaster oven ? It didn’t take me long to find instructions on how to use a toaster oven for that, and they came out great. Even better, I can make four, maybe five, at once ! Set it to bake at 425°, put one slice of bread butter side down on a cookie sheet-type rack. Lay down the cheese on top of the bread, then top with another slice of buttered bread, butter side up. Make as many sandwiches as you want or as will fit. Bake for 6 to 8 minutes, depending on how toasty you like it, then flip and bake for another four to six. They came out nice and crispy on the outside, not soggy in the middle, but the cheese was the lava-like consistency my guys like. I may do it that way from now on ! It’s probably obvious to everyone else, but to me, this is awesome !

Just a fun thing I saw in an ad – did you know there’s a Frozen themed waffle iron ? Oh, my, yes. You too can soon be feasting on Olaf-shaped waffles in three pieces, so you can impale him yourself … on your fork ! Best picture I could find, although it’s also sold at Kohl’s and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Twenny five bucks or so. Now, if it was Elsa shaped… I could probably tell you how well it works already ! (grin) For now, though, I’m content with my frozen waffles not being, well, Frozen. 

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