Sunday, November 23, 2014

Customer Appreciation Day at Dollar Tree - not as busy as you might have thought.

Another fun day at NewPlace. We slept in first, though, and while Beloved Hubby hit Home Despot for necessary supplies, I made cheese biscuits for breakfast. I’d been wanting some for a while.

Got a lot cleaned up, and helped install the front door we took off yesterday onto the side of the garage – the old door that was there was so useless and warped, it was held closed by a large rock. As the old front door was solid, Beloved just power-sawed it to the right size, carved out the new hinge spaces, and poof. Another ‘new’ door. No more rocks – and we already had the key to this one ! For the first time since we signed the lease, NewPlace is truly locked up and secure.

He also found the old chainsaw stored at ThisPit and tested it out today. Works great ! That’s a huge relief, as we’d have had to rent one soon to remove the dead tree in the front yard. Previous tenants got a notice about it, and I’ll call tomorrow and ask if we can get an extension, since we’re still moving in.

We also moved the very nice sofa left behind from the garage to the living room. It’s a great sofa, too – somebody somewhere once paid big bux for it. I think the reason it was in the garage was because the previous tenants couldn’t get it inside. Beloved and Dearest Son had to play it and the doorways like a 3D version of Tetris to get it in, and that was after taking the legs off.

He also removed the old electric cooktop and put our gas one in. He’ll run the gas line to it once the gas is on. I’m so thrilled we get to keep it ! Had to clean the heck out of the counter first, and still have to clean the oven. I know what it’s like to have to move in a hurry, but this poor place was beyond trashed.

Not sure what we’re doing about a fridge. NewPlace doesn’t come with one, so we have to decide soon – buy a brand new or a new-to-us one, or ask the ILs if we can have the one here. They have a fridge in their kitchen, one Beloved got from a remodel, but we have the newer one in ours. Remember the one I had to clean for four hours and defrost when we moved in here ? That one. I’m kind of hoping they’ll agree to let us have or buy this one, but if not, nearly every one at Home Despot is quite nice, and I know the exact locations of three second-hand appliance stores in NewCity. I am so nearly delirious with the idea of no more ‘mystery’ food disappearances that I honestly don’t care which fridge we end up with ! I just hate spending money if we don’t have to – Beloved works so hard to take care of everyone.

We even got to go to Dollar Tree for some NewPlace things – on Customer Appreciation Day, no less. Printed out the coupon from the website and got 10% off our little spree. Yeah, it sounds kind of silly to go to a sale at DTree, but I’d rather save a dime than hope to find one in the parking lot – or ask Beloved to earn another one ! As it was, we saved nearly $3., which isn’t too bad. Kind of a ‘buy 27, get 3 free’ sale.

Beloved still says we’ll be having Thanksgiving at NewPlace and will be moving in over next weekend. I’m so excited !

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  1. I'd say you're entitled to that fridge after all the work that went into it!