Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hot Wheels Fun with Dearest Son !

Elsa is on her way ! Oddly, Diz billed me yesterday, but she didn’t ship ‘til late today. They’re normally very strict on the ‘no billing ‘til after shipping’ thing, but not so this time. I have no idea when she’ll get here – the tracking info is basically ‘we got that they’re gonna ship’ and not much else – but she’s already left California, so maybe Tuesday or so. While I’m jealous of everyone who’s had her for months, I’m probably just as excited as you were then !

I promised to take Dearest Son to Dollar Tree today – it seemed so unfair that I was getting to go everywhere, even if it was medical and paperwork, and he was stuck at home, except for Tuesday’s tires. Not a lot of fun, even if it was McD’s breakfast and the Mal-Wart Lego and computer sections. However, all this rain made it hard on my lungs, so it was slow going. He even offered to put things off if I wasn’t well. Ya’ll know me, that just made me so much more determined to get him to some fun. They finally had his favorite popcorn in, and I got a few groceries and the last of the frozen clams. Beloved Hubby has really enjoyed those. I got some leftover Halloween candy (no candy corn, darn it) and a bag of PopCorners, so I was happy, too. Had to hit Mal-Wart (the grocery one, not the big Mega-one with the auto service center) for a few extra things, so he got to pick out a 2-liter of his choice. He was all set for a junk-food afternoon !

He found a James Bond 007 Hot Wheels toy car and examined it thoroughly. I told him he could have it, but he said he wanted to save his money for his computer upgrade. Of course, I got it for him – who’s gonna say no when it’s only 84¢ ? He was so happy, he showed it off to the cashier and the guy behind us in line, saying it’d been a long time since he’d picked out a new Hot Wheels ! I now wonder if they thought we were seriously that broke…

Not that it matters. He was happy, and I was glad to see him so. Once we got home and shoved the frozen foods away, I more or less crashed for two hours. Then it was up and at ‘em for more laundry ! It had really backed up on us, but after today, there’s two more Laundromat triple-loaders (to me, it’d be two regular loads), and that even catches us up on sheets. I’ll do another tomorrow, then wait ‘til Monday to finish up. I’d rather leave the washers and dryers to the folks who need ‘em on weekends – plus by then, we’ll probably have another triple ready to go ! 

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