Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Are you ready for the Sparkle Girlz ?

Today was a lot like yesterday, just for different reasons. Got up early to get Emmy-car over to Mal-Wart for two new tires. The ones she has now are dangerous, and tomorrow, I gotta drive m’self over to the CapitolCity VA for my medical appointments – out on the highway, and Beloved’s busy at work. Yeah, it could have waited ‘til later today, especially since it was raining, but early in, early out, and Beloved Hubby was up at that hour, too. Dearest Son wanted to go with me, of course, so he was up and dressed, and we were on the way right at 7am. Did some banking for Beloved, and the only car at the Auto Center ahead of us was just getting an oil change.

So we had breakfast at the McD within, and wandered around. Dearest is very reluctant to spend his yard sale fundage – and FIL actually paid him for something FIL got out of the yard sale, he deserves credit for that -  but we looked at everything. Their MH section is still half-empty, with lots of the newer stuff, like the Recharge Station (pricey !) and some of the old, like the Die-Ner and Hauntlywood. No Invisi-Billy, but I’m only halfway looking for him. If I find him for twenny bucks, great, if not, oh, well.

Their knockoff DP&M dolls don’t even try to look like cover-band Princesses, they just wear fairy tutus or long regal gowns. Probably not a bad deal for the same ten bucks as the Family Dollar Wannabees, but the colors of their clothes are such lurid shades of pink, purple, and burgundy, I’m amazed the dolls aren’t stained up to their hairlines. 

I bought three Barbie-sized ‘Sparkle Girlz’ outfits – would have bought more not too long ago, and did have to keep m’self from buying twice that today, but I really wasn’t as into it as I normally would have been. We’re looking at rentals again, so it’s not the time for reckless spending, even if it is just a few bucks. But I like what I got. The middle outfit is a sporty shirt with glittery blue bubbles, paired with pink Capri pants. It reminded me of Lagoona, so I got it for her. The graphic face shirt and pants was just too awesome to not buy – I’d seen it before and wanted it, it was the only one in the display box – and the black dress on your right, well, I really want to see that on Elsa. There, I said it. Since Diz Store billed me today, I think she shipped !

But as for true luxe splurging,  you can’t beat candy. Found two Cadbury ‘Scream Eggs’ for 33c and bought them both. I am so gonna feast on one tonight ! Most of the leftover Halloween stuff was in carts – the gondolas were already being restocked with Christmas candy and gift sets - but not yet marked down. Weird. The eggs were the only candy visible, the rest was decorations and costumes.

More laundry – maybe two more runs before I’m done, depends on how much is piled up in the living room and Study (sigh) – and I’m currently putting off dishes. I hate dishwashing…


  1. Keep an eye on Justice - I saw a LOAD of Billy's at one awhile back during one of their flash sales. He came to about $18 with tax, iirc.

  2. Hi there! I found your old Tripod site, "Somewhere That's Green", while looking for info on MH shoe sizes. Followed that to Flickr, and then finally found you here! And I am so glad!

    I'm sort of a newbie doll collector. I'm really into MH right now. In my teen years I collected antique dolls, a few early Barbies, Todd McFarlane figures, and any doll I could find that was horror-themed, but I haven't been able to hang on to most of them. My Ace Novelty Cryptkeeper hangs out with my smirking Raquelle from "Life in the Dreamhouse", though.

    I have a doll blog, sadly neglected of late, at songsfromthecatacombs dot blogspot, where I try to post doll reviews and easy sewing tutorials. It's sort of a learn-as-you-go thing -- MH got me back into sewing, and I know lots of folks would like to customize their dolls' clothing, so I share whatever I figure out. I have a Singer Simple but I'm still stuck somewhere along the learning curve and often have the urge to throw it out the window.

    The sewing tutorials and talk on "Somewhere That's Green" made me hopeful I might find more of the same here. You're a much more experienced seamstress than I am, and it looks like you've spent more time with MH than I have. I just started collecting last year. Your full collection pic on Flickr made me green with envy!

    Did you, perhaps, tag the sewing or tutorial-related stuff for easy finding, or is there a way I can search it out here on your blog?

    Those Sparkleville outfits are at my local MalWart, too, and the price is right. I'm curious to find out if they fit standard (modern) Barbie sizes and how much modification would be needed to make them fit MH sizes. I really like the fun style of some of them. I hope you're planning a post about that. I can't afford to pick any of them up right now, but I want to grab a few of those and a really nice blue faux velvet Ken tux for Slo Mo!

    Also, I saw your Jane Boolittle / Luna custom, and I'm wondering if you've considered doing a second Luna using Avea Trotter as a base. Her body is just wonderful, though her skinny "fashion doll" legs give her the look of a rather unhealthy horse.

    Anyhow, sorry for the rambling, but I'm seriously so geeked to find you, and I hope we can share many dolly adventures together. Have a great day!