Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sweetness in the snow...

The sweetest thing happened today – completely unexpected ! It’s snowing (that was expected !) and it’s the usual mesmerizing total beauty of the first snowfall of the holiday season, as the snow from the beginning of 2014 has long since been forgotten, and with the wild winds we have year-round, it’s always like being inside a just-shaken snow globe. It didn’t start ‘til this afternoon, so we had all morning to pick up the fireplace Beloved Hubby found on Craigslist late last night. But he decided to wait a week, pay down some of the moving bills that are gonna be coming at us fast and hard soon, leave us some cash for groceries and a bit of fun instead. So he called the fireplace’s owners to let them know we couldn’t do it this week, but if they still had it next, we were there.

No problem, they wrote back, they had someone else interested. Then the snow started. So beautiful. And we got another text an hour or so later. If we needed the fireplace to stay warm in this cold weather, we could just come get it. For free. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ? And lemme tell ya, while the fireplace’s cost was very reasonable, it wasn’t pocket change, either – to most families, that’d be Christmas money. We told them that we were safe and warm, and fine, but we still want the fireplace, and would be glad to pay the asking price next weekend.

Now we both *really* want that particular fireplace, because it’s wrapped up with love.

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