Saturday, November 29, 2014

And, as you can see, we finally got our internet back !

Oh, Laws, what a day ! We were up early to get the modem and such in anticipation of having our internet and new TV service installed… you already know where this is going, don’t ‘cha ? We got two texts from AT&T, and about 11am, saw the familiar van go by. I figured it missed us, but when it didn’t come back a few minutes later, went back inside. Maybe the technician had another appointment – that’d make sense because I didn’t get the pre-visit tech phonecall yet.

A few minutes later, the van came back… and used the across-the-street neighbor’s driveway to turn around. It then vanished for a second time, and two minutes later I got another text, saying my tech had been unable to complete the install, please call for another appointment.

Oh, (expletive string deleted), no. I was soon on the line asking why I had to reschedule when tech never got out of the van. Heck, no, there was no note left, unless he attached it with a blow gun or he squirted himself and the note out of his door lock, ‘cause he never got out of the very well-marked company van, and there was no note out there. Twenty minutes later, I played the ‘disabled veteran on daily Wi-Fi to the VA’ card, something I really and truly hate doing, ‘cause it shouldn’t make a difference who or what I am – unless the tech is ill or broken down, he or she should keep their made-two-weeks-ago appointment. If he/she hates the job that much, maybe someone else should be doing it. A supervisor took over after I got several excuses, most were precisely that since we can see everything from the front room, where we all were at the time, waiting for the (deleted). I also got ‘we talked to the tech’ and ‘we can’t reach the tech to get him back out there’ during the same call, so draw your own logical conclusions.

In the end, it took about two hours, but AT&T really pulled through for me. They got another tech to come out for us a little over another hour later, and this guy was a doll. He even called ! We were so happy we tipped him. He didn’t even flinch when Beloved Hubby started cutting down the dead tree in the front yard. People were thanking us from their cars, saying the dead tree had needed to come down for at least a year now. Good news from one truck - the driver asked if he and a couple relatives could haul away the big limbs for us, probably for firewood, tomorrow. Help yourself, all you can haul. Yaaay !

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