Friday, November 28, 2014

Slowly but surely, NewPlace becomes OurPlace. Soon, it'll be the latest Chez Insanity !

We had a long shopping list for the Home Improvement stores today. Another coupling for the gas cooktop, pipes to replace the under-sink garbage disposal, a new kitchen faucet, a door for Dearest Son’s bedroom, and a bunch of other stuff. Beloved Hubby was busy ! But we now have a working gas cooktop, a nice high-bend sprayer faucet, fast-draining sinks, and a doorknob-free door upstairs. Dearest was so happy we got his door first, he counted it as an early Christmas gift !

We also bought some stuff not on the plan. Namely a great electric griddle on an awesome sale – I can cook at least three pancakes at a time on it. Guess what we’re having for breakfast tomorrow ! We also bought a box of bright colored lights and a box of light-up icicles. We’ve never hung lights outside before, as a family. Heck, most years, it’s noteworthy that we put up a small tree. But Beloved installed both boxes around the porch tonight. We’re the first and so far only family with lights up on our street. They’re so beautiful, we both want more. Too bad we’re already well over budget for this week. Maybe next week !

We also got another load of big stuff, but let the modem stay at ThisPit one more night. We’ll have to go back early tomorrow for it, but we wanted M&FIL to have one more evening of Netflix and internet. Wish we could keep paying for both places, but we just can’t afford it, and we don’t have an extra modem.

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