Friday, November 14, 2014

Still so excited !

Finished up dealing with utilities today. Have to go to PreviousTown with the lease and ID Monday – I was able to scan and email it to the gas company, but PTown wants face time. That’s OK. Need to take Dearest Son up, show him which room will be his, let him look around some, because when I went there tonight with Beloved Hubby, we had to take the truck to haul up tools and such. And the truck is, unfortunately, only a two-seater.

We’re getting a new water heater – old was leaking – that Beloved will install after the snow forecast for the weekend. Without electric or gas, the water heater could be damaged if we install it tomorrow. Previous tenant left a ton of stuff, mostly trash, including two huge flat-screen TVs (broken screens, unreplaceable), twelve big contractor’s bags of more trash, and four sofas. We may actually save one, spray it down with rubbing alcohol and shove it outside to dry (kills any bugs that have nested within). And, as mentioned, some good stuff, like a short ton of disposable polystyrene bowls and plates and plastic silverware, three brooms, two mops, six coffee mugs and a white coffee maker identical to mine, but still in the box, several books, a card table, a set of unopened bed sheets, two purses, half a box of cat litter, three large plastic trash cans, a tote bag full of kids’ shoes, a Caboodle train case with makeup in it, and a fedora. There’s even more stuff, I just haven’t sorted through it all. 

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  1. Wow, sounds like the previous tenant was a hoarder. Hopefully there's more treasure in all the trash. Be careful clearing it out!