Thursday, November 27, 2014

I hope your tummy is happy !

Happy Thanksgiving ! Hope you dined well and are well-stocked with leftovers you love. We did indeed celebrate the day at NewPlace, with ham, baked potatoes, green beans, and the traditional leftover baked beans. Delicious ! We watched BASEketball and Bad Santa on DVD and moved another load down as a convoy. We’re about halfway done. Most of the larger stuff is moved, save for the bikes and bookcases, and the fridge is in place – we hope to buy what we need for the ice maker and water dispenser tomorrow.

Learned quite a bit at our new place. The cheep plastic kitchen faucet – I know it’s cheep, we bought the same one for ThisPit – would pop off every time I turned on the water, giving me a sudden single-fountain show and drenching my shirt at the same time. Beloved Hubby reinstalled it twice, and it was still like a cheap version of the Fountains of Bellagio show. Dearest Son thought it was hilarious. We hope to replace that tomorrow, as well. Under-sink garbage disposal is a lost cause, so we’re gonna yank that out and replace it with regular pipes and a basket type strainer.

We also discovered that we’d left the power cord to the TV at ThisPit. However, I had grabbed the embroidery sewing machine on the last round – could that work ? Yes ! So now we know that my sewing machine cord can pull double duty for the TV. I just hope we don’t have to test it again any time soon !

We’re also sleeping here tonight, and from now on. We got our beds, last thing. We have sooo much stuff still there, it’ll take us all next week, one Emmy-car load at a time, and maybe one more big-stuff truck load, to get it all. We barely have any clothes here, although we did move all of Dearest’s.

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  1. Wow, that's awesome you guys are almost moved in! Have you started planning for removing and replacing the carpet yet?