Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Most of the dollies I pay for, I keep ! But not this one.

Busy day. Drove M&FIL to their doctor’s appointments, then rented the appliance dolly on the way back to ThisPit. Don’t have to turn it in ‘til Friday morning. Had to drive really slow with it sticking out the back of Emmy-car’s trunk, but the Ya’ll-Haul place is only six blocks away. And now I know where Emmy’s ‘hazard flashers’ button is. I could have walked it back, I wouldn’t even have to cross the street. But Beloved Hubby insisted.

My air supply route guy came by and replaced the cylinders I’ve used. Glad that happened before we moved ! Then it was time to pick up the ILs and drive them to the pharmacy. While this may or may not be the last time I do that, it’s always bugged me. I have no problem driving them, but I always have to wait about 20 minutes at the pharmacy – and the very next day, they get more delivered, from the same pharmacy ! I’ve never understood the necessity of the same-day visit, especially when MIL says they usually have several days’ supply in case their next appointment is scheduled a bit late. Ah, well. Won’t be an issue much longer. Of course, today’s wait was about 40 minutes – insurance issues and pre-holiday busy.

And their moving boxes got delivered today. I don’t know why they ordered a short ton of boxes, they have no idea where they’re going or when. They haven’t decided yet if they’re gonna stay in this state or move to an ‘it’s legal there’ state. Meanwhile, we’re moving the stuff that doesn’t need to be packed, ‘cause we haven’t bought boxes, and are trying to avoid doing so. Tryin’ to keep it on the cheap, ya know. Heck, most of our stuff’s either already boxed, like my doll stuff and fabrics, doesn’t need a box, like my printer, or can be bagged, like clothes. Even our groceries and pots and pans are being moved in paper grocery sacks saved over the months from purchases down the street. Some things, like my VA HealthCheck equipment and Beloved’s monitor, we still have the boxes for, so we’ll just repack ‘em. We’re gonna need to box the books and DVDs, but I’m hoping to move those a couple boxes at a time, and recycle the boxes ‘til they fall apart. Cheap and environmentally sound !

The two electric space heaters we bought came in boxes perfect for stand-up transport of all my MH and Barbie-scale dolls. I saved those as soon as they were emptied !

Got all the dishes I could find done, so we could move ‘em nice and clean to NewPlace tomorrow, just in time for the best Thanksgiving ever. We’re gonna have ham, baked potatoes, green beans, and a cake. It’ll be so nice to have an oven again, I’m gonna use the heck out of it !

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