Friday, February 28, 2014

Yaaay, Friday !

Current Notes: Ya never know what you'll find on a Friday...

We had a *great* day today ! I snagged a few very necessary grocery items this morning, before Beloved Hubby left for work, so he had a grand lunch today. And a good breakfast ! I got to go back to bed for about an hour and a half before Dearest Son woke up, groggily. He was fine with me running my Hobby Lobby errand while he dawdled over breakfast, and MIL & FIL said they’d keep an eye on him. It helped that, earlier I’d snagged them some groceries, too.

I figured out how, even with no data plan, I could still use my smartphone to show the standard 40% off coupon without printing one, so I was on my way. And, of course, the one thing I was there to get was out of stock. The other thing I wanted was out, too. Oh, well. I got the third thing, a grab-bag of mat stock from the framing department. It’s pretty much what they cut from the middle when they custom-make a mat, in varying sizes. My initial bundle of 11” x 11”, bought years ago, was smaller than I thought when it came to photographing MH dolls – so today’s pack was 35 pieces of 11” x 14”. Unlike that first set, these duplicated colors (I have three and four of several colors) but had textured pieces within – leathery, velvet, lacy, metallic… very nice. And work much better with fashion dolls than the first set. I have six in varying shades of white and cream that I can play with, along with six black ones. Thinking of paint splashing at least one of the black cards…

I also got two pieces of thin vinyl for $1.47 each – doll shoes ! – and a remnant that will make excellent white fur coats for 80¢. I spent about $7. with my coupon, and hoped for better luck next time on the out-of-stock stuff.

Dearest and I had a great time at the thrift. His keyboard had a pink tag – so did the two pair of pants he liked – so it was only 99¢ today. He also found a working vintage clock radio for $3. Books were 4 for $1., so I got several, along with a grab bag that ended up containing a girls’ pirate dress with sash, size 4 to 8. At least it was only 25¢, and I still have that neat buckle I saw. Can also salvage the ribbon, lace, and the neat vest material. Also one of those ‘Christmas Lights in a Glass Block’ thingies for $2. It’s actually quite pretty, and makes a nice night-light. It’s in the photo, too.  

Lunch was awesome, as well. While Dearest opted for a large pepperoni Red Baron pizza, I splashed out for a box of Popeyes chicken. Yum. A box of eight pieces was only a couple bucks more than a dinner, and I don’t like any of their sides. So, tasty, yummy weekend leftovers ! I devoured two pieces while storing all our new goodies. There’s a barbecue place I want to try on our next sojourn to that thrift…

And, while putting away Honey’s socks, I found the sheet to Frankie’s bed ! I knew we’d found it when we were packing, but then I couldn’t remember where I stashed it. In the belt– jewelry- glasses- purses- CAM leftovers- hosiery MH box, of course ! And, as predicted with the elastic test I ran last week, it works just fine with the new screws. Awesome, because now, I can use that sheet to make new sheets ! Hey, just ‘cause lightning bolts are Frankie’s sigil, it doesn’t mean she can’t have lavender or green every so often… Fun part’s gonna be making a replacement pillow. Dearest destroyed the one that goes with this set. Although I should be able to improve on it – with the original, the doll’s head was too far up to use the bed-mounted neck-bolt clamps. And who doesn’t want to use those any chance they get ? 

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