Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm so tired, everything's hilarious !

Current Notes: LOL !!!

It was so great, falling asleep next to all my favorite books. Beloved Hubby says he’d like that setup, too, so hopefully this weekend, we can make him a custom bookcase from all this wood scattered around. I still had some minor tidying up from all that shuffling, so I did that today, and took a little time to play with some of my displaced dolls.

Seeing Frankie’s bed started me thinking about gluing those screws in again. And from there, I kept on wondering… what if I used it to enjoy a different doll each week ? He or she’d get to roost in the sole doll bed in Chez Insanity all week, get brushed and cleaned, model any new clothes that came around, played with and photographed. I think I’ll start Sunday if I remember ! Wonder if I can wedge a Barbie in there, or she’d have to sit on it while it’s horizontal…? The largest dolls will probably just think it’s a cool mirror.

As is usual a few days after Toy Fair, more ‘leaked’ photos have surfaced. I saw them here. Very nice. Ordinarily, I’d want any new  ‘I ♥Fashion’ doll, but like I passed on Clawdeen, I can just as easily let Venus go by. There’s a Creepeteria line and a Sports theme set coming up – we’ve seen both in tiny, blurry images before – and line extensions to Coffin Bean and Scaremester, with probably more to come in the Dead Tired series, even a customizable head (doll size ? Looks that way to me)… but not one Ghoulia. Mattel’s making it much easier this year for me at least to keep my money in my pocket !

Taco Night ! I tried something new this time – Spanish Rice, from scratch ! No box mix this time, and it came out really great. Almost as good as the time I just stirred salsa and cooked rice together ! Used this recipe, and I’m glad it’s a keeper, because I accidentally made a double batch. I’ll be eating it for a while. Wonder if you can turn Spanish Rice into Fried Rice…

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