Thursday, February 20, 2014

New, improved Belle !

Current Notes: We tamed *that* beast ! 

Had fun today with lots of little things ! Swept up, and found two tiny screws, which reminded me of the Frankie’s bed project. Scouted around until I had a variety of them of all sizes and styles, and tried them on, one after another, like a weird game of Cinderella, with plastic and base metal. Found one suitably short enough, but the heads seemed big… but it looked OK when I tried one. I liked the shiny silver contrasting with all the pink, blue, grey, and black, better even than the original pink pegs. Only one problem. I had five of them. Need six. Arrgh. Looked all around, even scouted Beloved Hubby’s tool bags and boxes when he came home, nada. Ah, well. I’ll be in a hardware store sooner or later, so I installed four where they’re most visible, and stashed the fifth screw in my purse, so that next time we’re out, I might be able to find more. After all, they really don’t have to match, and the two on the bottom are nearly invisible. Could skip them entirely if I wanted to, but I’m a completionist. Long as I find one or two more that’ll work, I’ll be happy.

I also had time to try various shoes on  DP&M Belle. Turns out, I have next to nothing to fit her, but I think some of the shoes I used to have for Crissy might have worked. The AG-clone shoes are too wide and clunky on her, and the rest are simply too small. The only pair I really got to fit her are, oddly enough, a pair of satin tie-on slippers that went to LDP Belle, also made by Jakks Pacific. From what I can tell, that’s what she was sold wearing, but you’d think to find better footwear on a $60. doll. The only molded shoes I’ve seen for DP&M   were sold separately as play accessories in a set that came with matching jelly-style shoes for a little girl. They were pretty rare, and now sell on eBay for about $25. with shipping. So, it’s a good thing I know how to make doll shoes ! And I learned how to make ‘em with duct tape, so stay tuned for that project ! I also still have to see if I have anything ready-made that’ll fit her, or if I have to start sewing for her by creating my own patterns.

I also cleaned up around the Arena, since some stuff from the big bookshelf shuffle’d been dumped there awaiting final distribution, and I wasn’t in much of a mood to do it earlier. My chair is once again free for me to use, I just gotta get over there. 

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