Saturday, February 22, 2014

I really need to start embroidering again...

Current Notes: One obsession after another...

Okay. I’m just gonna say it. If I hadn’t been busy most of yesterday, my DP&M Belle doll would have been stuck to my hip. As it was, I kept looking at her and wanting to play, but there wasn’t time. Plus, I didn’t want to get obsessed, although I was clearly on the way to becoming so. I figured, maybe a day…

Of course, I woke up today, got dressed, and went straight to her. And finally got the measurements I needed to look for patterns for her. Too bad the one current doll her body mostly resembles is still too far off to use for much besides bodices, blouses, and dresses. Even those would require extensive alterations. But then I realized the key word in that line of thinking was ‘current’. Sure, I couldn’t find much in today’s doll pool, but it’s not like dolls have only been made for the last dozen years or so. What about Crissy ? She’s a little shorter but had a similar form…and I still have patterns for her. If nothing else, the best Crissy website ever has downloadable copies of  every vintage Simplicity and McCalls created for her. I’ll let’cha know what works soon as I can !

Meanwhile, I brushed her soft, pretty hair again – no snarls this time ! Toy Box Philosopher was right, get through it once, and it doesn’t easily get that bad twice – and daydreamed of what outfit I’d like best for her, and what to sew. Didn’t have much time for that, either, as Beloved Hubby’d scored a gallon of free paint at work (mis-tint, nobody else wanted it) and since it was a gorgeous day, why not paint all the bedroom doors ? Oh, yes !

We’d talked of just outright replacing them, as they were badly stained and frankly ugly, but ‘free’ was just a better deal, and the one we could afford ! I was mostly project runner, looking for this screwdriver and finding where to plug in that tool, while Dearest Son got to earn a few extra bucks sanding the doors down a bit with an orbital sander. He’s saving up for something big, so it’ll a be a week or three before we have to pay up ! (evil chortle) He also got to learn about eye protection and respecting power tools, always good knowledge to have.

Here and there, I looked for free patterns – snagged a few more in Finnish and French for the LDPs, but more of nothin’ for the DP&M dolls. I’m just gonna hafta knock those out m’self. Especially if the Crissy ones don’t work out. It’ll be a bit longer before I can afford to buy the one I’ve seen for sale, and honestly, I don’t like it very much. Too ‘quinceañera gown’ for me. My style is more casual, almost always.

You know what’s kind of funny ? Aside from one kitchen-table pattern and one mom who sewed AG patterns for hers and didn’t bother to resize or alter the patterns to fit the dolls at all (and every outfit hung like a sack, lemme tell ya), I’ve never seen a DP&M doll outside the clothing made for her or another DP&M doll. I whine about the clothes originally costing $20., but heck, a Barbie outfit with shoes is pushing ten bucks these days. I hope I do a little better job with fitting my efforts.

Oh, and I got four Mal-Wart sacks of clothes today from the across-the-street neighbor – it’s stuff that doesn’t fit her, and I’m welcome to keep any or all of it, cut it up for sewing, whatever. Yaay ! So far, I’ve scored five new blouses – two with tags still attached – three tank tops, a t-shirt for Dearest and two shirts I wanna cut up for dolls. Still have a bag left to go through, and she says she’ll have more for me soon. Wow. I’ll offer what’s too small for me to MIL, and what she doesn’t want, I’ll donate. Wish I could return the favor, but she says it’s enough that she doesn’t have to get rid of it all herself. How kind she is – I hope things are going well for her, I don’t get to talk with her very often.

What a great Saturday ! Hope yours was full of fantastic, too !

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