Friday, February 21, 2014


Current Notes: I have *got* to make Donna Summer’s dress for Clawdeen someday…

Beloved Hubby encouraged me and Dearest Son to hit Dollar Tree today – it didn’t take much ! Dearest got his usual two treats (that don’t come out of his allowance, he always asks to make sure ! ), I got the shampoo and a couple cheep grocery items we needed. Ours also gets bread deliveries on Mondays and Thursdays, too. It’s usually your standard $2. white and wheat breads, on thrift for a buck, but sometimes there’s English muffins, pita breads, and such. Wish they got rye ! Anyway,  when it’s mostly still fresh, I grab a loaf, even if we don’t need it right then. Bread always freezes and thaws well, after all.

As for me, my snack of choice – knockoff popcorn chips – was out of stock this time, leaving me to wander aimlessly, wanting the best for my buck, as always. Wasn’t much in the mood for regular or microwave popcorn, since I make stovetop at least once a week now, and I wasn’t sure about the off-brand cheese balls. They looked greasy. Just finished off pretzels last week, and we’d had corn chips, too… snack-shopping by mood is such a task sometimes.

Ended up taking a six-ounce bag of plain chips home. We had sour cream left from Taco Night, and half an envelope of onion soup mix for dip – it’d been a while since I did that, and it sounded good to me. After we got home, I stirred up Kool-aid for Dearest, got a load of laundry going, and put our purchases away, made my dip. And thoroughly enjoyed some non-perfect chips.

It’s funny how easy it is to get used to the perfection of Lay’s. Nearly every one is the exact same color, same taste – the rare ‘burnt’ ones either get saved for last or tossed out. To me, they’re the best ones, with real flavor in them. Today’s off brand from DTree was darn near all flavor ! Some chips still had peels on them, none of them were huge, some were greasier than others, and no two could really be said to be alike much. I loved it ! Noticed that these are the same brand I saw at the grocery store Sunday, in the dollar section there. Hmm. Wonder if they wholesale from the same distributor ? In any case, ‘Home Style Select’ chips were like most other house-brand grocery store chips… and I loved them for that. I’ll definitely buy those again. Especially if those knock-off popcorn chips are still out ! 

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