Thursday, February 27, 2014

I have one brave son !

Current Notes: If there's anyplace that'd be awesome to hear music, I think 
the time anyone spends inside this thing would be it !

Yaay ! Dearest Son’s MRI went exceedingly well, and I think it’s due to both his prep-study the night before and the fantastic and cheery attitudes of the techs who ran the test with him. He was able to select his own music – he went with trance and 80s dance – and didn’t go near the ‘panic’ button at all. In fact, the techs joked with him that he was so chill, they thought he’d fallen asleep in there. He said he almost did !

We were drastically early – it only took ten minutes to get there – and so very close to our old place on the outskirts of CapitolCity that I made the command decision to see how far away that favorite thrift store was. Only about another ten minutes in lunch-rush traffic, actually. We didn’t have much time or money, but we poked around a bit, and Dearest fell for a new computer keyboard. I promised we’d return tomorrow to get it. So we both have something neat to look forward to. Luckily, they didn’t have any good dolls or stuff I like.

For today, though, I got him an extra-large Slushie on the way home, and we talked about his experience. He got to repeat it all shortly after, as Beloved Hubby was home a bit early, and he enjoyed hearing the tale. Chicken and dumplings, with roasted potatoes, for dinner tonight – too bad we’re out of milk for the dumplings. I think I’ll try water with some sour cream stirred in, see how that works.

I am sooo looking forward to tomorrow ! 

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