Sunday, February 23, 2014

Your bed is ready, Ms. Stein...

Current Notes: On to the next project ! 

Yaaay ! I’m done with the ‘repairs’ to Frankie Stein’s bed ! Left a bit early for the thrift store and stopped by the Ace Hardware I found. A very nice associate helped me find screws almost identical to the ones I had, just a bit longer. I splurged and bought two, so they’d match. I figured I could splash out a bit, as they were six cents each.

Got to the thrift just before they opened – now I know why I never find colored tag merchandise. There were at least fifteen people lingering around the door, waiting. At least a dozen more still in their cars, probably only due to the cold winds. But I got to go through the stuff, and brought home a dollar’s worth.

Snagged a full set of Disney Princess Pez dispensers. If the package had been fully sealed, I’d have put ‘em up on eBay – as it was, with the box damage and slightly torn cellophane, they were worth more as candy and fun for Dearest Son. I also snagged a stationery grab bag and a DP one, as well as an odd stick-puppet of Ariel and Sebastian in a soft-sculpture clam-shell. This is what it looks like. I’d seen it a couple weeks ago, on my first visit there, but $4. was too much for such an odd toy. For a quarter, why not ? DP&M Belle could have a seat (the shell) and Sebastian and Ariel toys. Thank Everything for seam rippers ! I now have enough pink Velcro ® for at least two Timey Tell dresses.

The stationery grab bag yielded a set of AG-size gel pens, a box of 24 brand-new crayons, a sample pack of photo paper, a stack of notepaper with a healthcare provider’s logo, two cute flat cat erasers, about two dozen pushpins, and a kids’ magnifying glass. Not bad for a quarter ! The DP bag held two stampers (Cinderella and Aurora), an unopened card of stick-on earrings, a ribbon-and-pompom hair scrunchie, and a Strawberry Shortcake beauty set – two small bottles of “Berry Dazzling” bath gel, a magic ‘towel’ (why don’t they just call ‘em washcloths and be done with it ?), and a pink and white polka dot shower cap in a plastic glitter purse with a ribbon handle. Wonder if I’ll smell like strawberries this week ? 

Snagged a few groceries, and stopped for gas. Just one problem – the little metal door over the gas cap wouldn’t open. Then I found the lever, and it still wouldn’t open. Even wedging my key in the space didn’t help. I had to ask for the money back, because I never could get it to open, and Beloved Hubby wasn’t answering his phone.

Went through the last of the clothes bags – final tally, six blouses, three tank tops, a tee for Dearest and two shirts and a pair of jeans for sewing projects. MIL wants to look through what won’t fit me (although I’m kindly holding back the size 2 jeans and just straight out donating those tomorrow), and what she doesn’t take will hit the bins later this week, I hope.

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