Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I think he's inherited my night-before 'medical appointment anxiety'...

Current Notes: Loving the sun today...

Dearest Son had a medical appointment today, so it was sort of a quiet, lazy one. His appointment went well, and his new doctor adjusted his anti-seizure medicine so it doesn’t cost $180. every month. Whew ! We’d find a way to pay it, of course, but not having to makes things much easier for the whole household.

Things were getting cluttery, so I did some organizational work while my guys napped afterwards. DP&M Belle’s wardrobe was at risk of being repurposed as a cat bed, so I’ve been idly looking for storage options beyond the plastic $60. closet made for the DP&M doll line. Not that I’d have had the money to buy it right now, but… Anyway. Ended up repurposing the box her Cinderella nightgown came in – turns out, it was big enough to hold her robe, both gowns, and a few other accessories, with room to spare. It’s also a pretty box, so it’ll work. When I stored it in the closet, it reminded me of Snow White’s crystal coffin, and since the dolls come in similar boxes… nope. There’s never been a Snow White DP&M doll. Strange.

I kept thinking I’d sew or something, but I ended up reading and goofing off. Hopefully I can get on the stick soon ! 

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