Saturday, August 31, 2013

With all these bleachers, it's like it's game day inside, game day outside !

Current Notes : And we finally get the bleachers done *before* September. Yaaay ! 

Ugh. School has snuck up on me. First home game today at the University next door. We’re not going anywhere today. While the game vets have things nailed down pretty well, and function as part of the day as a well-oiled screaming machine, there’s always newbies that really have to suffer a shakedown their first time. Traffic’s a bear when things are going well, I’m not even risking life and limb out there today !

Beloved Hubby agreed…so we made bleachers ! Yes, finally, I have those three bleacher sets I bought back in June finished, and I love them ! They look better than I thought they would, I’d been second-guessing m’self that I should have just painted them all silver. Sorry the photo kind of ranks, but it was the best I could do in a few minutes – yeah, that’s not even all my MH dolls, and the ones not yet seated were temporarily in a bit of a risky place. I just wanted to get a quick shot of an empty one then load ‘em up. I’ll have to take another one tomorrow, show you how they’re crowded but happy. My desk sort of looks like a class assembly in a very small gym ! But I love finally having my bleachers, and having my dolls how and where I want them.

Which makes my next sentence really funny. We start moving tomorrow. No kidding. It’s one of the few times we have money and Beloved’s time together – he’s off ‘til Wednesday – so we’re gonna make it happen. While we don’t have much time to inform the property management co., they’ll get to keep over half a month’s rent in deposits for a place that’ll be pretty much as we got it when we moved in, so I don’t feel too bad. It’s a ground floor by the pool, it won’t sit vacant long. Our neighbor’s place got evicted on the 10th, and we had new neighbors on the 21st. Not too worried about the property holders.

Kinda worried about Beloved – his goal has us sleeping in PreviousTown Tuesday night ! First load goes off bright and early tomorrow morning. I have no idea how we’re going to do things, but DMIL & FIL are excited, and so is Dearest Son. All the rest is details. Painful, annoying, aggravating details.

So I spent tonight getting things ready to go. Broke down 23 stands I’m not using anymore, and added them to the Box ‘o Stands. Soon as I know how many Deborah needs, I’m gonna go through ‘em all, keep the colors I want and about a dozen black ones, and sell the rest. May make enough to fund one or two of those bleachers !  

But I think some sleep is the best thing for me. Gonna need to be well-rested for tomorrow !

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