Friday, August 30, 2013

Nobody ever expects the neon green...

Current Notes : Now that that's over... I can start obsessing about dolls and sewing again ! 

Well, my addition to the NG Creations’ shirt pattern didn’t work – I forgot that anything made for MH ghouls that extends past the waist has to accommodate those hips. Which are significantly larger than the waist. Ah, well. I chopped off the parts that didn’t come close to fitting, stitched a new hem, then went on to the skirt.

I also altered that pattern. Maybe the fabric I used for Tuesday’s skirt was a bit too thick for dolls – that happens, a lot – but it seemed like it didn’t fit the waist very well. So I scissored the top quarter of the pattern a bit more ‘in’, and sewed it up today. Better ! Now I need to scan it.

Tired of the rose print, star print, Barbie print fabrics. Dug in the Recent Fabrics bin and found this neat pink houndstooth print I bought as a 98c fat quarter from Mal-Wart a few months ago. I have a bit of a history with houndstooth. While my folks weren’t much on Barbie, for some reason, they gave me a Growing Up Skipper – a truly strange doll who aged with an arm rotation, and was basically a one-kid freak show when she jumped rope. I never could figure out the significance of that doll. I never liked Skipper, already had a Quick Curl one I barely played with, and gave all the ‘bad girl / evil sibling’ roles to, and now I had this one, a doll I never asked for and in fact, didn’t know existed until I had her.

About the only time I played with her was in front of my parents – a subtle ploy for more toys, once they saw how much I looooved this one ! Didn’t work, unfortunately – but her clothes were routinely raided by Barbie. She came with two red-and-white houndstooth skirts, another thing I’d never seen before. Skirts,yes, houndstooth patterns, no. In fact, I used to stare at it until I started seeing things in the print, and once stupidly looked at it with red-and-blue 3D glasses. Who needs drugs when you have 70s-era décor trends ?

So far, though, all I’ve seen in this fabric is a nice suit for Ghoulia. Oh, and my Etsy splurge arrived  yesterday ! I ordered several doll-size cameo pins from Jewels by April, and they’re here ! Wow – I just ordered them Sunday night ! Ghoulia’s wearing one with pride. They are amazing, and I got five of ‘em. While she makes cameo necklaces, too, the pins were less expensive, and I can string the pins on my own chains later. Fast shipping, beautiful items – and they came in tiny baggies small enough for the dolls to use for lunch sandwiches ! I’m amazed ziplock-type baggies even exist in such a tiny size. So, if you’re looking for gorgeous tiny cameos, in a variety of colors and metal tones, consider Jewels by April - AprilJewels on Etsy. I recommend her highly !  

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