Friday, August 23, 2013

80 for the win !

Current Notes : Yaay, jumpsuit ! I should trust the 80s more often...

My potential ‘me’ day got bumped to tomorrow, but it’s all good. Went ahead and stitched up the 80% version of the Leia flight suit – and it worked ! It fits the standard ghoul body just right, without any pulls or tightness. I have to re-work the armholes though, they look kinda strange from the sides, although I like how they look from the front. I’ll probably sew one with sleeves first, see how they work before making major changes. It may just be that I’ll need two slightly different armhole designs, one for sleeves, one sleeveless. But the basic design is there and it works !

Hmmm…I was also going to work on the collar – I did it much the same way with Leia’s, got the suit’s body more-or-less right first, then added stuff like sleeves later – add an actual shirt collar to it, change it into a ‘v’ instead of a jewel neckline, such like that, but just by folding the facings down, I have a whole new look, one that I like much better ! I’m probably also going to add about an eighth to a quarter of an inch to the legs, they look a bit short.

Not sure what I’m gonna do about the closure. It’s a full open-to-the-waist front, but it holds itself closed fairly well once it’s on the doll. The original design had elastic installed at the waist, to help pull it in, but it wasn’t necessary on the Leia doll, either. Kinda hate to add a Velcro ™ closure to it when I don’ t have to, mostly because I don’t want the stitches to show. I know of two ways to get around that, but let’s face it, I’m lazy. I won’t work on that until I somehow see it as a challenge.

Still have to take photos of the ‘perfect skirt’ and the crop top, too. It’s been a busy week – who knows what I’ll make tomorrow ? 

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