Friday, August 2, 2013

I thought I was completely out of navy thread…

Current Notes : Sewing and painting and Dollar Tree - what a great day ! 

Turns out, I had several shades of navy thread in the jar – the jar where I keep little ‘sample’ spools. Had some of ‘em for years. They came with sewing machines, with sewing baskets new and used, and purchased for one color from a dollar store. There’s not much on those tiny spools, but there’s often just enough for a doll outfit, especially if you use, say, black or white thread, in the bobbin. Used ¾ of one, and I’ll keep the others nearby, until I can do a little shoppin’. After that, though, I am out of navy thread.

Sewed the sheath dress again today, this time letting the fabric scraps determine the length. That’s about as short as modest me likes to go – while I know the ghouls have ‘embossed’ undies, I still hate having too much thigh show. Even though the outfits they came in are a lot shorter ! But that’s the beauty of making your own, ya get to have your way ! Robecca’s been patiently waiting her turn, since she hasn’t had anything new since her Deluxe Clothing Pack.

We also sprayed primer paint on most of the bleachers today, and they look great so far. Primer’s flat, but I’m using satin on the final coats – all black with green benches. Unoriginal, I know, but I didn’t think of going with all silver until after I bought four cans of black paint. Oh, well.

Our trip to Dollar Tree was fun, although we didn’t buy much. No good toys, really, and nothing new in Crafts or Party Supplies either. About all I bought were pickles and crackers so I could enjoy some cream cheese before it goes furry. Even Dearest Son didn’t find anything interesting, and settled for a snack. Wish DTree had fabric and thread…beyond more tiny sample spools. 

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