Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Carlin surfaces !

Current Notes : After a long summer spent down deep with her mermaid cousins, Carlin reluctantly surfaces, de-fins, and goes shoe shopping at the back-to-school sales at the Maul. Like most kids, she wonders what this year will bring - and hopes it's one to remember...for all the good reasons ! 

I admit it, there’s times I’m a softie. Poor Ginger-kitty managed to look crestfallen when she saw the new ‘improved’ window-seated milk crates, and tried to sleep on one – tell me, how does a cat manage to sigh so heavily ? Since she loved sleeping on the binders I had up there, I found an old one and placed it in her favorite corner. She curled on top of that and went right to sleep. She’s happy I’m not yelling, and it’s easier for her to get to her window seat. I’m happy I don’t have to straighten toppled figurines several times a day, and she’s not lounging on my Arena surface because she doesn’t want to jump to the window. Win-win, no guilt. That’s the best win.

“Window” was the first thing on my list. I wasted my last ‘me’ day, and was determined not to waste today. So I took a little time and made up a list of things I’d like to get done – for some reason, nothing motivates me more than a list. I had a few small sewing repairs to complete, then decided to make Howleen her own clothes storage bag. I made one for Abigail, the Headless Headmistress, so I wouldn’t confuse her too-large clothes with the other ghouls’ , and it made hers much easier to find ! Even though Howleen doesn’t have a lot of outfits, she’s starting to amass her own pieces, so I chopped a hunk out of that rose-print fabric, and stitched up a quick tie-string bag. Much better. I’d make a bag for the guys’ clothes, but that’s about a third of the whole big bag of MH clothes !

Speaking of Etsy yesterday, you might remember I bought several bags of scraps from Nevada Craft Supply. They’ve been fun, and it’s been a challenge to find some use for the smallest of them. Ever since I stitched up that tiny crop blouse from the freebie bodice pattern that came with NG Creations’ third pattern, I’ve wanted to sew the slightly larger one in her first set, so I found a pretty scrap that fit, angled the pattern to best use the design, and sewed it up.

It’s not much larger, really. If I’d have added slightly wider ribbon to the rose-print one, it’d be the same. So I altered it longer, and we’ll see how it stitches up. I want a simple, quick go-to shirt pattern, and if it uses some of these great scraps, I’ll be happy ! Even with my additional coverage, the blouse only needs a 5 ¼” square of fabric ! 

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