Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wondering Wednesday...

Current Notes : I have so many photos to take... meanwhile, enjoy the packaging from Scarah's latest release !  Click to read easily !

A question for those that sew or knit or otherwise craft for your dolls – how do ya do it ? Do you follow patterns religiously, or craft your own ? When you end up with something, say 3/4ths right, do you trash it anyway, striving for the perfect, or do you add the finishing touches, intending to keep it until the latest adjustments and alterations work – then you toss or donate it ?

I’m wondering because I’m in an odd place. Went through the 2011 SDCC bag o’ MH clothes a couple weeks ago, and pulled everything I’m unlikely to ever put on a doll again, ever. Most of it was stuff I’d made years ago, inexpertly done but good enough for the time – but I’d long since crafted better, and knew I’d never use the early attempts, it was embarrassing to even look at them ! Found a use for them, dressing the  ‘nude’ dolls I hope to eventually sell, and that’s where I’ve continued to stuff the recent ‘decent but not keeping’ efforts to craft sheaths and jumpsuit patterns.

This week, which has been difficult at best for reasons I don’t even wanna get into, I’ve focused on one small thing – getting an adapted freebie online Barbie skirt pattern to fit an MH doll correctly, right down to the back closure. No puckers, no pleats, just as smooth in back as it is up front, and I knew it could be done, I’ve seen Dollar Tree doll clothes that managed it. I just couldn’t quite figure out how.

In truth, I still don’t think I’m doing it the way they did, but I finally figured out a way that suits me, and the skirt is perfect. It fits well, the back closure is just what I wanted, it’s got enough ‘give’ to fit over or under a blouse, and it folds at the hips the way a real slim skirt does when its wearer is seated. I can alter the skirt’s length by folding the pattern before cutting, and it takes about 20 minutes, start to finish, to make a plain one. Next, I want to work on adding a waistband to it, which will result in some half-good efforts, and I’m still working on the Etsy dress, which is becoming a factory of hate-to-toss versions.

Thing is, I’m growing more addicted to the challenge than the result. I mean, how many slim skirts do 33 MH standard-body ghouls need ? I keep saying I’ll eventually start selling my creations, but then I’ll remember or notice something else I haven’t quite figured out, and it’s off to the races again. I’ll end up making 20 of something to get it right – and by the time I’m ready to make the two or three I actually wanted, I’m either tired of looking at it, or I’m looking for the next challenge.

Anyone else having this issue ? Do you keep all your trial efforts, or keep going ‘til you get it right, or get bored trying ? My doll clothes bag is burgeoning, but I love making something new (preferably every day !) too much to stop. Especially when so many other things around me are going to the nethers…

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  1. I sew! Badly. :D I don't use patterns exactly- I sometimes look AT a pattern, and try to cut out my pieces in a more or less similar shape in whatever size I think might fit my doll. Never actually properly traced a pattern and used it that way. It works more often than not but when it doesn't, yes it ends up getting given away along with unwanted dolls, same with clothes that used to be good and up to my standards but now aren't.
    I totally get what you mean about too many clothes. Perhaps you could sell the excess on Etsy, cause your stuff is great :D When I see I have too many clothes for one type of doll I try to switch to sewing for a completely different size doll, but I know that's not really an option when sewing for MH specifically. Sorry I'm not much help but I hope you can figure it out somehow, and good luck :)