Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August !

Current Notes : I did it ! Pattern works ! It's not what the pattern was originally supposed to make, but I'm happy ! 

For good luck – White Rabbit !

Ah, a whole new month to experience, to live in, to love, to make a whole monthload of mistakes in…I just can’t wait !

We forgot yesterday to update Venus-diesel’s license plate – although luckily, we had the $ put aside for it – so we did it today. No fines, I’m happy to say, but when Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son went to apply the new sticker, they found that someone had stolen our old one – down to 2010 ! Glad we have a nest of registration papers in the glove box to prove we’d had them, but we weren’t pulled over, so it’s lucky all around. What a great white rabbit !

Years ago, before Dearest was born, we discovered the whole plate had been stolen from my car – and who knew how long I’d been tooling around without it. What ranked to me was that I had to pay a pro-rated replacement fee for it. I didn’t steal it, why did I have to pay half again what I’d paid in full six months ago ? I was so tempted to go the ole ‘cardboard replacement tag in the back window’ route, but I knew that was just inviting trouble. Still pretty ticked for a while over it, though.

Lookin’ on YouTube for ancient, forgotten music to listen to while I sew. Considering I was aware of music as being a life soundtrack fairly early – probably why my life’s obsession was becoming a radio DJ – I have very late 60s, and nearly all the 70s and 80s to pick through. And about six different genres, as well, since my parents (and me by extension) listened to everything from classic to country *and* western. Found the first song I ever hated, not because it was a bad song, but because the local station overplayed it to the point of ridiculousness. I knew not of the payola scandals in the innocent days of Disco. It’s the immortal 1978 classic, Magnet and Steel, performed by Walter Egan. I still shudder when I hear the opening notes. Hard to believe I still hate a pretty much bleh song after all this time, but there it is. 

And…the pattern works now ! Armholes are just right – you can slip them on over the hands, but they’re not huge and gaping, the neckline lies flat, it cinches nicely at the waist if you wanna add a ribbon belt, and sews up in about 45 minutes, start to finish. It can be altered to any length, have lace or other fabrics added to the hem, or serve as a blank canvas for beading, embroidery, or really loud fabric. I love it ! A few more trials, and I can let this pattern out into the world…I just don’t think many people beyond me will want it ! But I’m happy with me and my finished product !

August is getting off to a great start !  

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  1. I always take a sharp knife out with me when I apply the new registration decal, and cut through it many, many times and at different angles. If someone's gonna steal my sticker, I'm going to make it a real pain to do so, ha ha!