Monday, August 26, 2013

Cleaning off the Arena surfaces...while I can !

Current Notes : There's the most recent run at the Etsy dress. I've amended the pattern again, and hope to find time to sew it up again sometime ! I should sew it up as-is in stretchy fabric and pass it off as one of DracuLaura's old swimsuits ! 

I gotta tell ya’ll this, it’s a weird sort of funny. Few months ago, we upgraded Dearest Son’s computer, an expensive proposition with the usual ‘rebates’ slightly softening the financial blow. I made sure to get forms scanned and e-mailed and jumped through hoops for a big $30. – but we got it. In the form of two American Express Prepaid Reward Gift Cards. I can hear some of you laughing. Because you already know those things are darn near less than worthless. Despite the amounts never expiring, and there’s no ridiculous fees that nibble away at the already small amounts, they’re almost impossible to use. Beloved Hubby rode around with ‘em in his wallet for months, and every retail outlet he tried to use them at rejected them.

He gave them to me last week, wishing me luck with them. I wondered if they needed activation or something, even though the paperwork that came with ‘em said they didn’t, so I looked ‘em up on AmEx. Still good, still at the full amounts, but why weren’t they working ? I soon learned that most online sales sites don’t take multiple payments, so whatever I bought would have to be as close to the full value as possible without going over. Hmf. I had two small-scale games of Price Is Right in my pocket !

I soon found something on Etsy I liked, and, according to AmEx’s site, these cards were good (supposedly) wherever AmEx was. Of course, my order was rejected. But when I checked the card site, I found that Etsy had taken out a penny, to check the card, which made the $20. order useless – for the card was now only worth $19.99. (sigh) Four days later, the penny was still there, so I figured Etsy accepted that payment, and I made a slight adjustment to my order, then sent it through again, just for giggles and to be a jerk.

It went through ! (giggle) Now I kinda wish I’d been a bit more choosy with the order, but heck, I got a few little things I wanted, and I still have a $10. card to play with. I think that’ll get me a fat quarter somewhere…

Otherwise, it just wasn’t a good day. Dearest’s computer refused to acknowledge the internet’s existence today, so I let him use mine. Unfortunately, this blocked me from the sewing machines, my dolls, and most of what I find amusing. So I cleaned house and watched a few episodes of Bridezillas, but it was rather unsatisfying. No matter how those loonies rant and scream and believe their insanity makes them special, they still drive much nicer cars and live in much larger houses than I ever will. Usually that doesn’t matter to me, but today it just kind of dug under my skin.

Plus both cat and boy seemed to have lots of fun knocking my stuff over all day – I’d barely get it restored before it all toppled again. Dolls and things that stood upright for weeks fell two and three times today. Beloved Hubby didn’t quite see how this left me a bit on edge when he got home. Can’t do much about the dolls until the bleachers are finished, but Ginger-kitty gets a surprise tomorrow. All the stuff in the window that she seems to enjoy tipping over on her way to sleeping on my books ? It all goes away tomorrow morning – or as soon as she gets off of it. All the little figures, all the dress forms, all the books. I’m tired of fighting over it and being upset over it. Hope she’ll enjoy sleeping on bare milk crate ! 

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