Saturday, August 24, 2013

Scarah's new roses !

Current Notes : Much as I like the blouse, it's really too darn short ! Luckily NG creations already has a longer one in its pattern catalog ! 

Funny, how I usually waste a perfectly good ‘me’ day. I start with all these plans, of what I’ll make, what I’ll do or resume, what I’ll make for lunch. And, by the time Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son are back home, about all I’ve done is sleep and feed m’self.

In fact, yesterday’s big task, the four-doll ‘Green Girls’ Night Out’ that’s now where it belongs, on Tuesday’s entry, was much easier than I thought and was done before they even left. And I’m pleased to say I used darn near everything Scarah came with – nearly all of her box, from the plastic to the logos to the dress form and table props, all her outfits, all her accessories – since I got her. She really is a great addition. I was lucky to find her just as I wanted to, without fuss or phonecalls, which surprises me when I read that many fans are still having trouble finding her. And Heath, too. Wow. Here I am, thinking I live in a doll desert…

Have you heard the new rumor ? Evidently a photo of two remote control MH vehicles are making the rounds. I’ve been stung too many times to repost a potentially stolen image, so I’m not gonna today. Besides, you’ve already seen them. It’s basically DracuLaura’s Sweet 1600  roadster and Ghoulia’s scooter fitted out with skullette-shaped remotes. Frankly, I could barely keep my scooter from falling over all the time with the kickstand down, I have no idea how that thing’ll stand upright with a motor in it and a doll on it, but I’m not really concerned anyway. Not like I’m gonna buy either, if given a choice, I’ll always go with the cheaper free-wheeling versions. One, they’re cheaper, two, they’re not heavy and awkwardly limited, three, they pose better, four, they don’t need batteries, and five, are never a level of loud that the ads somehow fail to convey. Yer average Barbie RC from the past few years is louder than a Diesel !

(grin) Ever wanna have fun with an old toy ? Compare a vintage (ha-ha) Furby’s sound output to the ads for them. I could barely hear mine ‘talk’ over all the servomotors whining. This is not a new thing, either. When I was first introduced to my friend’s brand-new 1975 Baby Alive, I thought it was broken, because the doll in the ad certainly didn’t make all those loud grinding noises while it fake-chewed pudding !  A quick check of the more recent version shows it’s still pretty noisy, but Hasbro tried to mask it by having the doll talk every time it ‘ate’.  

Oh, well. Maybe I just prefer to sew when I have to squeeze it in somewhere during the day. At least I got m’self bathed and fed ! 

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