Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I still love that maniacal look on Cleo's face !

Current Notes : My PaintShopPro skills are improving - erasing the box fold from today's image only took about an hour ! 

Dirty rice for dinner tonight ! Had to use up the remaining chicken broth and a package of hamburger before they had to be thrown out for safety. Decided to use the ‘cheap’ rice this time, since I used the much fancier, better-shaped Chinese rice from the Asian grocer near Beloved Hubby’s school on this recipe’s first trial. I was wondering if there’d be any real difference, but it probably wasn’t a fair test, since the rice would be buried under seasonings and such. I couldn’t detect any change.  Pairs well with green beans, btw.

Learned that I get stupendously sleepy when I don’t eat. You’d think I’d already know that, but, let’s face it, I enjoy eating and don’t skip many opportunities to do so ! No, those issues I mentioned yesterday stole my sleep last night, and I was awake no matter what I did all night long, but was too upset to eat for any of it, so I could barely stay awake once daylight dawned today. It was almost like I needed the sun to drive away the frantic thoughts and worries, so I could finally sleep. But I still think it has something to do with not eating for 16 awake hours.

Beloved Hubby brought home cardboard boxes from work, so we can paint the bleachers without staining the sidewalks. We may even start as soon as tomorrow ! So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Didn’t really get much done in between nap attacks – finally got the Barbie boat pieces put away, and while I had the MH school playset down, removed the pillars from the outside door and stored them inside, as they were causing the whole thing to rest at an angle. Put some doll jewelry away, as well as some shoes and clothes, and found space for the new books in the bookcase. Played a little, plotted out a few things, daydreamed. Not much.

Got to sew a bit, just the latest revision to that column dress. Neckline’s better, armholes still too big, and I think I’ll need to do a separate ‘front’ and ‘back’ pattern piece. The way it is now, pattern’s the same, front and back, just split down the middle for the back – and the closure makes it pull just a bit too awkwardly. Maybe by adding a bit of width to the back only will make it hang straight.

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